Desktop Icon Toy 4.7

Desktop Icon Toy is a desktop icon enhancement tool that allows you to make many funny but useful things for your windows desktop icons.

What cool things could you do with Desktop Icon Toy?

Arrange Desktop Icons

You can arrange desktop icons by many complex figures, like:

Clock (all the icons will be aligned as a clock, showing the exact time)

Circle, Cross, Around, Spiral, Horizontal Ellipse, Vertical Ellipse.

Triangle, Rhombus, Pentagon, Hexagon.

4-pointed Star, 5-pointed Star, 6-pointed Star, Hearts

Align to left, right, top or bottom.

Animate Desktop Icons

With Desktop Icon Toy, you could add a hover effect by placing the mouse over a desktop icon. This makes the icon dance.

Mouse Gesture

You can simply hold down the left mouse button in the empty area of desktop, and then move mouse to right (left, top or bottom) and release it. All icons will be arranged to right (left, top or bottom)

Show/hide Desktop Icons or Icon Texts on Demand

With Desktop Icon Toy, your desktop icons or icon texts could be always hidden. And only would be shown when you really need them (like click desktop, mouse over desktop or over desktop icons).

Now, you could be always enjoying your beautiful wallpaper.

Hide Desktop Icon Texts

You can remove the classic ugly text of desktop icons, optional, instead of a cool pop-up tooltip. The whole desktop will become neat and tidy.

Lock Desktop Icons

Besides save and restore icons layout, Desktop Icon Toy also allows you to lock the desktop icons. Don`t worry about carelessly moving your icons again.

Other Features

Save different icons` layout according to different screen resolution.

Save multiple layouts by different layout names.

Automatically re-layout/restore-layout when change screen resolution, or add/delete icons.

Remove desktop icon shortcut overlay.

Transparent background of desktop icon texts.

Change the font color and background color of desktop icon texts.

Updated: 2012-10-07
License: 19.95$
Publisher: iDeskSoft
Size: n/a
Require: Windows system
System: WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English, German

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Desktop Icon Toy 4.7: Small tool to dance desktop icon, arrange icon, lock icon, hide icon text...

  • Desktop Icon Toy is a desktop icon enhancement tool, which allows you to make many funny but useful things for your windows desktop icons. It can animate desktop icons, arrange desktop icons into many complex figures, save and restore desktop icon layout, lock icons, hide icon texts and more...
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