Attachment Explorer 1.00

Main Features include:

1. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook. You can access Attachment Exlorer right in your Outlook application, with easy access to your email and attachments.

2. Explorer interface to browse your Outlook attachments. Tired of checking all your past emails, looking for a particular attachment? Explorer interface gives a flexible to view and sort your attachments and their histories.

3. Support fuzzy matches. You got many attachments witht the same file names? Sort them out could be hard. Attachment Explorer allows you to define fuzzy match criteria to help you navigate files with similar names.

4. Support multiple folders and folders in depth. Attachment Explorer can help you explore attaments even when you have many folders, with folders within folders, setup in your Outook applications. You have to option to only search for your Inbox Folder, or exclude Sent Items and Deleted Items folder.

5. Support file grouping based on file extensions. Attachment Explorer allows you to define your extension groups to help you further filtering files based on their extensions.


Updated: 2010-05-07
License: Free
Publisher: HyBing
Size: 6.1 Mb
Require: NYN
System: WinXP, Win2000, Win2003

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Attachment Explorer 1.00: Too many attachments? Attachment Explorer can help you navigate with ease.