Desktop Security Rx 4.0

Desktop Security Rx can disable access to Control Panel, Folder Options, Registry Editor, Command Prompt, Start Menu, Local Security Policy, and other critical settings of a Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 system.

Disable automatic password caching

Disable display of last user name on the logon dialog

Delete pagefiles at Windows start up

Turn the ADMIN$ and drive sharing off

Disable access to workstation via the NetHood

Turn anonymous connections off

Turn the remote registry service off

Disable access to the Control Panel

Disable access to the Folder Options

Hide icons from the Desktop

Prevent modifications to the Start Menu

Remove the Run item from the Start Menu

Remove the Log Off item from the Start Menu

Disable the built-in Search function from Explorer

Remove the Shut Down item from the Start Menu

Disallow the deleting of Printer(s)

Disallow the addition of Printer(s)

Disable access to the Task Manager

Disable the Registry Editor

Disable Locking workstation

Disable Password Changing

Disable Network Drive Mapping

Display a customized Legal Notice before any logon

Desktop Security Rx keeps files and folders secure and safe by hiding and locking them, or by making them read-only with a password. When a file or folder is protected its` contents are invisible to all applications including Windows programs like Explorer, Office, and even MS-DOS programs. Our protection wizard offers four unique levels of protection:

Lock-down& Restrict Use of USB / External Drives

Desktop Security Rx offers you the ability to block local hard drives and removable media drives as well as any local file, folder, or executable. Additionally, you can also set removable drives to be accessible but read-only. This enables users to use USB drives (thumb drives/memory sticks) to transfer files to the PC(s) while preventing them from removing files out of the PC(s).

Updated: 2006-09-26
License: 49.95$
Publisher: Horizon DataSys Inc.
Size: n/a
System: WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English

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Desktop Security Rx 4.0: Desktop security solution that is ideal for locking-down computer configurations

  • Desktop Security Rx`s advanced technology prevents users from deleting critical files and applications, making unauthorized changes to the desktop, saving unwanted programs, running disallowed programs, and downloading from Internet Explorer. With Desktop Security Rx, you can feel confident that unauthorized changes, won’t result in a loss of productivity or PC availability. The protection of Desktop Security Rx functions at the OS kernel level.
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