RMS 1.02.0003

The program complex (PC) the Registry of the municipal property

1. The operation from a DB in the format is supported:

Microsoft SQL-Server`2000

Microsoft Access`2000 of office package Microsoft Office`2000.

2. The list of objects of property supports possibilities of hierarchical construction of property complexes from parent objects, since the legal persons, as objects of property, up to the ground areas, buildings, their parts, objects of a personal estate (equipment, transport etc.), placed in these objects of the real estate. The objects and branches of objects can be moved on a tree, to copy.

3. The designers are included in structure:

of the user`s quick references

of dependences of types of objects (installation hierarchy of types of objects)

of properties of types of objects (individual characteristics of types of objects of property)

4. The function of account of the depreciation charges, provides automatic summation on the parent object of the financial characteristics of their derived objects.

5. Function of automatic assignment of register numbers of the proprietors of property

6. The function of import / of export allows to move objects of the registry created by the user of property in the registry of the proprietor of property and on the contrary.

7. Echoing a card of district simultaneously with a card of the registry automatically created from the given DB;

8. Import of geometry of objects of the registry from a text file (CSV);

9. The output documents form in the format MS Excel ` 2000;

Objects of the registration are any objects immovable and movable of property.

Updated: 2007-03-20
License: 900.00$
Publisher: High Technologies of Management Ltd
Size: 9.1 Mb
Require: The cyrillic version Windows
System: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English, Russian

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RMS 1.02.0003: Program complex the Registry of the municipal property (PC RMS)

  • The registry of the municipal property (PC RMS): 1. Operation with databases: Microsoft SQL-Server ` 2000; Microsoft Access ` 2000; 2. The hierarchical list of objects; 3. The user`s quick references; 4. Import / export of objects of the registry; 5. Account of the depreciation charges; 6. Mapping of objects on a card of the district automatically created from the given DB; 7. Import of geometry of objects of the registry from a text file (CSV).
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