Windows Mobile Transfer Suite 2.0

GodswMobile Windows Mobile Transfer Suite is a software package which contains two mainly functions - sms transfer and contacts transfer. With this package, you could transfer both mobile text messages and contacts to pc. The mainly difference between this mobile backup package and other backup software is this package contains a desktop pc program, so you could check and edit mobile sms and contacts on computer immediately and conveniently after you finish the backup job. If you have a printer, you could also select certain of sms and contacts to print it off with your computer. It could also allow you to export sms and contacts with the desktop pc programs and restore them backup to mobile when it is necessary! In a word, you could backup mobile sms, contacts information and manage them on computer easily.

Install one software, obtain two powerful functions. Free download it NOW!

Key features of GodswMobile Windows Mobile Transfer Suite:

* Backup and restore SMS for windows mobile;

* Backup and restore mobile outlook contacts and sim card contacts for windows mobile;

* Support backup and restore SMS and Contacts to text file (*.txt);

* Transfer SMS and Contacts from mobile to computer;

* Include an application for windows pc to view, edit and print SMS and Contacts;

* Export contact as text file(*.txt), excel and outlook file (*.csv), pc data file (*.cts) and vCard file (*.vcf) (only available in version 2.0);

* Support transfer contacts from windows mobile to iPhone, Andriod phone, Gmail, etc (only available in version 2.0);

* Support set photo and ringtone for contacts on computer directly;

* Support unlimited SMS and Contacts backup/restore;

* Fast backup and restore speed;

* Easy to use;

* Fully support Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and 6 with touch screen;

* Fully support VGA and WVGA Screen. (Such as HTC Touch HD 2, Pro 2, Diamond 2)

Updated: 2010-08-03
License: 29.00$
Publisher: Godsw Mobile,Inc.
Size: 2.4 Mb
Require: Windows Mobile 5 / 6 . 0 / 6 . 1 / 6 . 5
System: PocketPC
Language: English

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Windows Mobile Transfer Suite 2.0: Windows Mobile application to transfer mobile contacts and sms to computer.

  • GodswMobile Windows Mobile Transfer Suite is an all-in-one backup program to transfer windows mobile data between cell phone and computer. With this transfer tool, you could save mobile sms and contacts to text(*.txt) file; Package and export sms and contacts from mobile to computer; Print/edit/view mobile sms and contacts on pc; Restore contacts and text messages from computer to mobile; Transfer data between different cell phones, etc.
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