TV Channels Free 9.12

Where can you get TV channels for free? When TV was first introduced the only way to receive broadcasts was through an antenna. You had maybe five channels and all were local broadcasts. Over the years we have seen large improvements to broadcasts to the point of reaching over 200 channels of TV shows, movies, and radio stations via cable and satellite. Unfortunately, with technology have come some very expensive costs not only of the hardware but the monthly service fees. It makes watching TV less fun. Certainly HD antennas still get the local broadcasts, but why reduce the amount of shows you can watch just because of the painful fees satellite and cable charge?

With TV Channels Free software you do not have to worry about the satellite and cable charges any longer. You`ll have over 4700 channels to choose from with the software totally free. TV Channels Free does not stream the shows on their site, but the software provides access to third party links. These links are from broadcasters giving the rights to stream their TV shows and other creations. It means you have 100% free TV with a simple download of TV Channels Free software. These thousands of channels are not just local or national. They are international.

All the channels are categorized by country ensuring an easy search. They are also streaming in HD or high definition for the highest of qualities. So, what is the catch? Nothing! You just need a PC, Internet service, and TV Channels Free software. Everything else is waiting for instantaneous streaming of your favorite shows. You can even start streaming with a 56K connection. It is better to have high speed broadband like 7.2mbps speeds, but if you want to keep an inexpensive internet fee for each month this is the way to go. You have no further costs or subscription charges, making it completely 100% free to watch TV with TV Channels Free.

Updated: 2013-02-03
License: Free
Publisher: Free Live TV Software, Inc.
Size: 3.4 Mb
Require: Pentium 800 MHz , ~ 50 MB drive space , 256 MB RAM
System: Win98, WinXP
Language: English

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TV Channels Free 9.12: TV Channels Free Entertaining for the Entire Family with over 4700 Stations

  • Desktop or laptop PCs can be turned into your TV with very little investment on your part. You need an Internet connection and the TV Channels Free software. The software offers over 4700 broadcast stations around the world. It is convenient, affordable, and above all simple. If you want to record to your mobile device for later viewing it is possible. Full screen mode is part of this software option so you can view it perfectly.
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