Microcrypt Pro - File Encryption 3.184

Microcrypt Pro 3.184 is a new version, easy to use and with just a click and a password, you may encrypt documents, files and folders with our super fast triple encryption algorithms. You can encrypt your files for both internal end external uses where external files can be sent over the Internet or via e-mail to any person or destination. Decryption of shared Microcrypt Encrypted files are made by using our free of charge software, Microcrypt Pro x-Reader. To decrypt external or shared files, all the other party needs is the original encrypted password.

Microcrypt pro also contains full shredder functions where you may shred and delete files from your computer system with no reverse backdoors. Once a file is shredded, it’s unreadable forever and deleting the files will by-pass the Trash folder.

As existing security solutions are no longer efficient or sufficient, and to protect vital business assets, the authorities and business communities all over the world are constantly seeking new ways and better alternatives for network security effectiveness. Microcrypt Pro is a professional encryption tool developed by professionals for professionals.

If you run a office or a R&D centre, project can easily be encrypted and because Microcrypt uses headers to encrypted files, you may still search for project files online by simply indexing files on your internet or intranet network. Because the file header is added after file encryption, you can add, remove or modify both Global and Local file data at any time.

The shareware version is restricted by the fact that you may not change the built-in password so all encrypted files are all the same and any person using the shareware version may decrypt your encrypted files.

Updated: 2005-12-20
License: 14.99$
Publisher: Fiko Technologies Ltd.
Size: 5.8 Mb
Require: Pentium class PC
System: Win98, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Other, Portuguese

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  • Microcrypt Pro will allow you to encrypt/decrypt files in two ways. Firstly you may do so for internal use only - where only your version of Microcrypt Pro and your password can decrypt Microcrypt encrypted files or secondly, you may encrypt and decrypt files as shared external files allowing secure file sharing with your friends and colleagues via Internet and e-mail. External file sharing are decrpyted with our free software Microcrypt x-Reader
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