Feminization Hypnosis 1.02

In our Feminization Hypnosis 1.02 you will have two feminization hypnosis sessions for free, along with supportive material We have given you access to 1. Self-Hypnosis Templates allowing you to induce your own desired suggestions2. The Action Guide 3. The mp3 file dedicated to hypnotic relaxation All of our audio files have been produced in mp3 format, a format that the vast majority of computers will be able to play back, as well as many other devices. The reading material has also been produced in pdf format, which is the standard format for e-books.

Updated: 2010-03-11
License: Free
Publisher: Feminization Hypnosis
Size: 38.3 Mb
System: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT3x, WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, WinCE, Unix, Linux, LinuxConsole, LinuxGnome, LinuxGPL, LinuxOpenSource, OS2, OS2Warp, OS2Warp4, MAC68k, MacPPC, MacOSX, MacOther, PalmOS10, PalmOS20, PalmOS21, PalmOS30, PalmOS31, PalmOS32, PocketPC, Symbian, Netware, BEOS
Language: English

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