ePaperFlip Software 3.3

ePaperflip is the leading technology provider of digital publishing software solutions. Our technology allows you to convert your printed material into a unique digital content experience. Our suite of innovative digital publishing software allowing you to deliver content via the web, tablets, mobiles devices, and social channels. The elite features of ePaperflip surpass any other software solution in the publishing industry. ePaperFlip Software available for both PC and Mac.

How It Works?

ePaperflip Software (ES) will convert PDFs and other printed materials into online and offline customized flipping digital editions. Customizations include the ability to personally brand the content with a logo, embed unlimited video and audio, translate into various languages, and sell products from within the edition. Our user friendly publishing software converts your print ready files into a dynamic, user friendly, page flipping digital publication, which allows for online and off-line versions. ES solution provides statistical tools to keep you informed on audience behavior.

Your audience will be able to view your digital edition directly from your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ and share your digital edition with friends and colleagues.

Your digital edition can be created in HTML5 or flash. This enables users on the iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices to enjoy a rich viewing experience.

ePaperflip digital magazine software solutions allow many brands worldwide to create digital editions in minutes, including digital catalogs, brochures, magazines and more.

From concept to completion, you will be able to Create It, Host It, and Own It!

Updated: 2014-01-31
License: 999.00$
Publisher: ePaperFlip
Size: 50.5 Mb
Require: PC or Mac
System: WinXP, MacOSX
Language: English, French, German, Spanish

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ePaperFlip Software 3.3: Online Digital Publishing Software Solution

  • With ePaperFlip Software you can easily create interactive online digital catalogs, magazines, and brochures out of your PDF`s. ePaperFlip gives life to your publication with fully customizable editions. Your audience will be amazed with each page flip as you enhance your content with a rich-media experience that is branded to your look and feel. ePaperFlip digital magazine software is available on today`s most popular tablets and mobile devices.
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