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eBoostr is a little program that lets you improve a performance of any computer, powered by Windows XP in much the same way as Vista`s ReadyBoost. The concept behind ReadyBoost is for you to use non-volatile flash memory, such as that on a USB flash drive, to improve performance without having to install additional RAM memory, which is costly, difficult to do and requires the computer to have memory expansion capabilities to add RAM.

With eBoostr, if you have a flash drive, such as a USB flash thumb drive or an SD card, you can use it to make your computer run better with Windows XP. Simply plug in a flash drive through a USB socket and Windows XP will use eBoostr to utilize the flash memory to improve its own performance. The flash memory serves as an additional memory cache for Windows XP, the one that the computer can access much quicker than the data on the hard drive. With eBoostr, the booting of your OS and applications startup gets much faster.

The product shows the best results for frequently used applications and data, which becomes a great feature for people who are using office programs, graphics applications or developer tools. It’ll surely attract a special attention of laptop owners as laptop upgrade is usually more complicated and laptop hard drives are by definition slower than those of desktops.

eBoostr not only brings to Windows XP users everything one can find in ReadyBoost, but also overcomes its functionality by allowing you to use up to 4 cache devices simultaneously and is not limited to USB flash drives only. eBoostr helps you get the most from your hardware!

Updated: 2007-11-15
License: 29.00$
Publisher: eBoostr
Size: n/a
Require: USB 2.0
System: WinXP
Language: English

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eBoostr 1: eBoostr lets you enjoy Vista`s ReadyBoost benefits on Windows XP machines

  • eBoostr brings the Vista`s ReadyBoost benefits onto Windows XP machines. It allows you to use an additional drive, such as flash memory or hard disk, as an extra memory cache for Windows XP, which improves the overall performance of your operating system, allows you to run more applications and access data much quicker. eBoostr is an efficient, money-saving and technically easiest solution to the problem of insufficient RAM or slow hard disks.
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