Desk Quote Professional 8.1

Desk Quote Professional is a poweful application which offers users to manage their business in a professional manner.

All companies should use professionaly printed documentation ie: Quotation/Estimating Sheets to Delivery Notes, Job Cards and most important of all Invoices.

The requirement of secretarial staff to carry out daily activities like typing quotations and purchase orders are a thing of the past.

Modern efficient company`s noweredays run a bespoke networked software package to allow all key members of staff to create Quotations ,Purchase Orders Delivery and Job Sheets.

Normally introducing such software would involve employing a database company to programme and produce a bespoke software database specifically for your company.

Software houses can demand a very high price for such developments.

Are you searching for a buisness data handling software that can offer the following :

Incredibly easy to use and easy to understand Business database software .

Available for you to try right now at no risk and at an affordable price.

Is designed for non-computer experts to use

Invoicing with or without VAT .

Select current and previous Uk VAT Rates .

Add your own countries Tax Rate for Invoices.

Track your jobs from quotation all the way through to invoicing and payment.

Ideal for small businesses and start-ups .

Make your buissness more efficient and more professional.

Helps in the implementation of ISO9000/9001 Quality Accreditation.

Autosaves all your data at all times.

Backup button to back up all your important data

Desk Quote Professional works on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.


Updated: 2014-08-15
License: Free
Publisher: Desk Quote Professional
Size: 66.5 Mb
Require: 1 Gig ( MHz ) processor or higher , 1 Gig ( MB ) RAM or higher1 ,
System: Win98, WinXP, Unix, Linux, LinuxConsole, LinuxGnome, LinuxGPL, MSDOS, MacOSX, MacOther
Language: English

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Desk Quote Professional 8.1: Desk Quote Database Software is an easy to use buisness Software

  • Desk Quote Professional is a database software application which offers users to manage their business in a professional manner. Desk Quote Professional uses Sagekey technology which has been tested on a full range of computer operating systems .
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