Magen Malware vigilance

An alarm product that alerts about Malware penetration

Antivirus does not protect computers from invasion. Virus mutants and pass through them with ease. Therefore another solution is urgent need.

Magen identifies Malwares fast & efficiently. It can detect new and unknown Malwares that antivirus software cannot cope with.

It detects the Malware by scanning the computer “implantation points” for changes. This mechanism is efficient, full and consumes very low CPU time and computer resources.

After installing Magen, it resides in the system tray and conducts a “full scan” of the computer every 12 hours. If suspicious programs such as Malware or spyware are detected, it is communicated clearly to the computer owner, who can take protective measures.

Program features:

1. Monitors “rooting points” to accurately alert about new programs that are automatically operated on the computer.

2. Allows the user to take proactive actions against Malware penetrating their computer.

3. Based on a patent pending invention, it can detect Malware that isn`t yet known to the antivirus programs.

4. “Full Scan” takes less than two minutes.

5. Presents a must-have additional defense layer needed on top of antivirus and firewall programs. In the era when “click2infect” Emails and websites exist, allows the owner to defend themselves from being spied on and their assets stolen.

6. Knowledge is power - Magen informs the computer owner about certain configuration changes in their computer, keeping them in control and aware of changes some programs make on the computer. The user is no longer helpless against malware, spyware and other malicious actions.

7. Operates in the background consuming very little computer resources.

8. Gives clear alerts about suspicious programs such as Malware and spyware.

9. Allows the user to clean the computer easily.

Using Magen, you can considerably reduce the risk of becoming a victim of Cyber Crime!

Updated: 0000-00-00
License: 30.00$
Publisher: Cyber-Dome
Size: n/a
Require: Window operating system .
System: WinXP
Language: English

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Magen Malware vigilance An alarm product that alerts about Malware penetration through the antivirus.

  • Antivirus programs are being penetrated by SpyWare! Magen Malware Vigilance is a new defense layer on top of your existing antivirus programs that detects virus penetration accurately and efficiently and alerts the computer owner about it. Once the computer owner is alerted measures can be taken to remove the threat.
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