Computer Activity Monitoring 8.04.01

Computer Activity Monitoring is powerful software designed to monitor and record desktop and internet activities of employee computer in a network. It secretly monitors `n` number of computers, creates online and offline recordings and takes screenshots of desktop activity every second. Runs invisibly in background and allows viewing of screenshots of desktop and internet activities of the user. Control and monitor computers in a LAN and know every detailed activity of your employees; What your employees do, when are they sitting idile or when are they browsing personal benefitted sites; view every activity LIVE and take snapshots of every activity and create movies for future references. Software is easy to use computer monitoring and desktop activity recording software which records PC activities in real time and allows you to save the displayed screenshots and convert them into movie with online and offline recording options which can be saved and viewed afterwards with Windows Media player. Have complete control on the remote monitored computers; shutdown, restart, log off, start screensaver, remove wall paper and lock any monitored computer over network from your desk and easily send messages over network to monitored computers. Compatible with Windows Vista/Windows XP/ Windows 2003/Windows 2000. Free demo version of the software is available for 07 days of trial which can be tested for monitoring purposes to 01 computer in your network. Download and test the free trial version and purchase the software licenses starting from $129. Stable, Easy to Use, and free from any Virus, Ad ware or Spy ware.

Updated: 0000-00-00
License: 79.00$
Publisher: Computer Monitoring
Size: n/a
Require: Pentium II 400 MHz , 128 MB RAM , 100 MB
System: Win2000, Win2003
Language: English

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Computer Activity Monitoring 8.04.01: Most Stable and Easy to use software to secretly monitor computer activities

  • Computer activity monitoring software monitors and captures computer desktop activities of employees in LAN. It helps you to gain complete control on the monitored computer. Record monitored activities with online and offline recording options. Software is compatible with Windows Vista,XP,2000,2003 operating systems. The saved recordings are easy to view in movie format with Windows Media Player.
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