Computer Activity Monitoring 11.02.01

Computer activity monitoring is mostly performed in organizations and large enterprises, where it becomes important to monitor the activities of each and every workstation. Continuous monitoring of workstations ensures that no illegal or wasteful activity is practiced. Special monitoring software like Employee Desktop Live Viewer is deployed in the systems so that information from the target computers can be viewed on the monitoring system. Computer activity monitoring enables administrators to keep a track of multiple computers from a remote system and also perform administrative tasks. This software further helps in stealth monitoring and invisible monitoring by enabling administrators to record the live activities of all the target desktops. Computer activity monitoring software helps in viewing several desktops at a time through thumbnail views. The installation of these monitoring tools is simple. Of the two set files available, the Viewer Setup file is installed in the remote monitoring software while the Agent Setup File is installed in the target computers. With a high speed network connection, it is possible to transfer information from the target systems to the monitoring system. Both online and offline recording can be saved and viewed using these computer activity monitoring tools. Furthermore, administrators can also send notification messages, instant messages to the systems getting monitored. Uninstalling the agent system, restarting, shutting it down, logging it off or locking it is also possible. Thus, computer activity monitoring systems helps employers to keep a track of desktop activities of their employees and carry out managerial tasks.

Updated: 2011-06-29
License: 29.00$
Publisher: Computer Activity Monitoring
Size: 6.1 Mb
Require: Pentium II 400 MHz , 64 MB RAM , 20 MB
System: Win98, WinXP
Language: English

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Computer Activity Monitoring 11.02.01: Computer activity monitoring remotely to keep a track of multiple workstations

  • Computer activity monitoring is possible by deploying special software applications in the monitoring computer and target computers. Using such a monitoring software helps in continuous tracking of multiple workstations and their desktop activities. In addition to monitoring functions, remote administrative functions can also be performed using computer activity monitoring software.
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