visual|catalogues Enterprise 5.08

visual | catalogues Enterprise allows one or more people concurrently to create, maintain, update and publish searchable, fully documented multiple catalogs of records represented as images, movies or multimedia. Record can have textual notes and descriptions and be organised into categories and sub-categories up-to seven levels deep. Both individual records and categories can have linked file(s) of any kind; html essay(s), .zip .pdf, .dwg, docs etc. Price, copyright information, dates and object size can be added to each category (applying to all records in it) or individually to each record. A powerful search engine allows searching on visual properties across catalogs. Keywords are added to a category (applying to all records in it) and / or to individual records. End users search on keywords and on size, date and price if applicable. Drag-and-drop allows reorganisation of categories and records. A batch function allows three sizes of image (thumbnail large and xlarge) to be generated for each record from an original. Size and compression can be set. v|c Enterprise includes two viewers; a Windows viewer for Windows networks and a platform independent Java viewer for any Java-enabled web browser installed on any operating system / computer combination. Any V|c Pro catalog can be combined as part of a v|c Enterprise multi-catalog system, allowing large searchable collections to be generated from many sources and shared. Publish in full or part, at-a-click to a local drive to share over a network, or burn a CD-Rom, DVD, CD business card, or uploaded to a web site (using the built-in FTP function) for www or Intranet access. v|c Pro is suitable for product catalogs, image, photograph and movie collections, archives, inventories, museum and gallery collections, paintings, sculptures and antiques, 2D and 3D CAD, ebook catalogs etc. Example catalogs and catalog collections can be viewed at Allows CSV database import. Keeping IT simple.

Updated: 2007-11-12
License: 525.00$
Publisher: Cadking Design Ltd
Size: 7.1 Mb
Require: IE5 or 6 or later with Media Player
System: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, WinCE
Language: English, French

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visual|catalogues Enterprise 5.08: visual  | catalogues Enterprise:- for creating searchable multimedia catalogs

  • visual | catalogues Enterprise:- Allows one or more people to create searchable platform-independent catalogs of visual records (jpg, mpg and wmv movies, sounds, multimedia) with unlimited entries. Categorise records to 7 levels deep. Batch in images. Add captions, notes, essays, linked files. Publish at-a-click to a local or networked drive, or burn a CD-Rom, DVD, CD business card, or upload to web site with built in FTP. Includes CSV Import.
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