Babimals 1.01

Is that already happened to you ?

You are working on your PC and your infant walks in the room and wants to handle the mouse and press on the keyboard.

Now you don`t have to move away your infant or lock the session. Just Start Babimals, the Very First Baby Computer Game and see your child learn and interact with the PC.

You can start Babimals at any times by three quick and easy functions : by a single keystroke, by moving the mouse pointer from screen side to side like doing a "screenwipe" or by an inactivity delay like a screen saver.

Safe for You and Fun for Baby

When Babimals is running all the system control keys and processes are locked. Just Press CTRL + F5 to close Babimals and restore your work without losing anything.

Babimals protect all your PC work in an instant and then open the Babimals Very First Baby Computer Game. It turns your Baby`s natural curiosity into an audiovisual experience.

It rewards the child`s natural curiosity about the computer with an interactive experience. It doesn`t replace all the toys in your baby`s life. Instead, it creates a new opportunity for you and your child to learn and interact together.

Updated: 2006-01-30
License: 19.00$
Publisher: babimals
Size: 9.2 Mb
Require: windows
System: Win98, WinME, WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000
Language: English

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  • If you have noticed that when you work on the PC your infant loves to come up to the computer, handle the mouse and press on the keyboard : Babimals is ideal for you ! At any time, protect your work and transform your PC into a toddler software station.
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