FB Limiter 1.2

Block facebook and limit facebook access with the most easiest software called FB Limiter. Ultimate free solution for parents, small companies, individuals, schools...Now comes with feature to block youtube as well. Block facebook with our FB Limiter software on your computer to anyone who uses it, block facebook to specific times during the week (e.g. allow your kids to use facebook only one hour a day). You can even block facebok to yourself for specific time duration to increase productivity of yourself. If you are parent who want to limit access to facebook or youtube to their children, school or educational institution, small company, students who just want to block facebook or youtube in order to be able to study without being distracted, or anyone else in the need to block facebook on his computer FB Limiter is just for you. It is free, incredibly simple to use, it will boost your productivity, and is well tested so be sure it simply works.

Updated: 1969-12-31
License: Free
Publisher: AxiomCoders
Size: 2 Mb
Require: Windows XP , Vista or Windows 7
System: WinXP
Language: English

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FB Limiter 1.2: Block facebook or youtube on your PC. Block specific times, block completely.

  • Block facebook or youtube on your PC. Block facebook or youtube access completely or limit access to specific times during the week. Designed for parents, small companies, students, and everyone else who wants to block facebook or youtube. Block facebook to your employees, to your kids or to yourself if you want to increase productivity. Highly recommended because of its simple and easy to use interface.
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