SportsTools 2.0.0

Sports Tools is a software application for the Pocket PC which provides many of the common sports timing functions used in athletics.

RADAR GUN - Measure speed in MPH between to known points. Enter the feet/inches (x.xx) to measure or select from some common distances from the list box. Use the Scroll Down key to start and stop this option.

STOP WATCH - This option functions just like a stop watch. It measures time in hr:mm:ss:h. It saves the last time and also keep track of the best time. Use the Scroll Down Key on the device to start and stop this option.

PEDOMETER - Take your Pocket PC device along as you walk, jog or run. Entered the length of your stride in ft/inches; number of strides per minute. Press the Scroll Down Key to start and stop. Hint: measure your stride from toe to heel while you walk/jog/run. Count number of strides for 30 secs, multiple by 2 to get number per minute.

CALORIE COUNTER - Counts and measure calories burned during the Distance Time function. Press Key 1 to toggle a graph showing distance, calories burned and time.

Updated: 2006-01-25
License: 7.00$
Publisher: Athnetix
Size: n/a
Require: Windows CE , StrongArm Processor Only
System: WinCE
Language: English

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SportsTools 2.0.0: Sports Tools  provides sports timing functions for the Pocket PC.