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Simply changing the legal title to a living trust with a generic name is an Asset Protection plan that may work for some creditors, but not most. Many legal finance experts insist that a better Asset Protection Plan is an irrevocable trust or total sale of the residence. Another Asset Protection Strategie consideration is whether or not the asset protection will easily convert the asset to money. Offshore trusts and offshore bank accounts are options in this circumstance. Offshore Asset Protection is effective because the asset is outside the control of any local court, so the debtor can t be ordered to bring the Asset Protection back to the United States.

The most successful investment firms in the world have probably been those that have been separated physically and psychologically from banks and insurance companies. It is important to look at the evidence on the long-term returns to different assets, and to holding period returns (the returns that accrue on average over different lengths of investment). Have you ever thought about the safety and security of protecting your money and assets in an account outside of the jurisdiction you live?

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  • Advanced Asset Protection Strategies and Asset Protection Living Trusts also considering, Asset Protection Entity Structuring. Assets owned by a debtor through a legal entity are not deemed owned by the debtor because legal entities have a separate juridical existence. Asset Protection is based on the basic principle that any asset owned by a person (with some minor exceptions, like an ERISA-qualified retirement plan) can be reached by that person
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