Galactic Teddy 1.2

New life of your favorite Bomber game! The residents of a distant planet lived happily and peacefully million years. Once everything was changed. The planet was attacked by evil monsters who stole the main value - the planet talisman, which was handed down from one generation to another, was the protector of all living in this planet - the Light Stone. It was split into hundred parts and scattered all over the different planets. The best warrior was chosen for the mission to save the Light Stone, who should pass through the labyrinth of various planets to return the talisman... Marvelous 3d graphic 5 monsters 25 different levels and a great number of planets - all this will addict you to this fascinating game and you will have a lot of fun!

Updated: 2014-11-27
License: 16.00$
Size: 2.9 Mb
Require: Pentium II , 64MB of RAM , DirectX 8 . 0 , 3D Accelerator
System: Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2000
Language: English

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Galactic Teddy 1.2: Entertaining 3d Shooter game in the Bomberman style with new and cool features.

  • This Teddy-bear doesn’t live in the USA. He is a galactic Teddy, so his home is a distant planet, where the evil monsters stole the magic Light Stone, which gives the life for all on the planet. Travelling through other planets, Teddy tries to return the stolen relic and save his planet. Help him! The game has a great 3d graphic, funny music, a lot of levels and 5 various monsters! Appropriate for all tastes and ages. Download and have fun!
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