#1 Postgresql GUI PG Lightning Admin 1.2.3

* IDE style editors for functions,queries and views.

* Function Version Control

* Full Support for Postgresql 8.1 IN/INOUT/OUT function parameters

* MDI (multiple document interface) style Interface which works similar to a word processor.

* The Editors feature full code completion, Parameter Hints, and full syntax highlighting.

* The Editors have full drag and drop editing, and will accept drag and drops from the databases schema tree view.

* Tabbed based Enterprise Manager, each database and it`s schema is opened in it`s own tab.

* Built in SSH tunnel capability.

* Filtering MDI task bar. When a database is selected/opened, the MDI task bar only shows open objects associated with that particular tab, which makes it easy to keep track of where open objects belong.

* Full backup and restore capabilities. A backup or restore is just a right-click away.

* Query Editor is threaded and allows long running queries to be canceled.

* GUI Query Builder, accessed from the Query Editor`s menu bar.

* Query Editor keeps a log/history of executed SQL queries

* Query Editor saves it`s contents and restores the next time you open the editor.

* Query Editor has a temp table watch window, which allows for easy debugging.

* Full printing of DDL/Metadata and results sets.

* Print preview allows the displayed data to be printed or exported as PDF, Word, Excel etc.

* All Data grids are sortable and show a sort arrow in the column header.

* All Data grids have a form view, which really helps when viewing large records.

* All Data grids have full export capabilities such as comma/custom separated, tabbed or fixed width. You may export to the clipboard or a file.

* The query data grid allows the result set to be filtered.

* Quick View table view which will bring the the Top rows of a table or all rows.

* Full featured grid based grant manager that supports the with grant op

Updated: 2007-01-02
License: 29.99$
Publisher: AM Software Design
Size: 7.8 Mb
System: Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English

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 #1 Postgresql GUI PG Lightning Admin 1.2.3: PG Lightning Admin for Postgresql 7.4.x and up

  • PG Lightning Admin is a powerful GUI administration program for Postgresql 7.4.x and greater. It includes many advanced features such as a tabbed based MDI system, tabbed Enterprise Manager and more. Other features include a advanced function editor, SQL edtior and view editor. All the editors also code completion and function param hints.
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