Lepide Active Directory Self Service 10.11.01

Lepide Active Directory Self Service software is developed to benefit end users of software applications as well as database administrators. With the help of this software, administrators are able to pass over certain controls to end users for managing their accounts present in the Active Director database. This way, users are not dependent on the administrators for information updates. The same thing also saves a considerable amount of time of AD admin personnel as they can then focus on other AD strategies. Some of the important features of the Lepide Active Directory Self Service ares active directory password reset, self service password reset, unlock account, automatic password reset, report generation and email notification. This way, employees within an organization are able to self update information in the active directory. Active directory password reset tool are also beneficial to system admin personnel as they are not required to unlock accounts of users to make changes within the AD internal database. LADSS also improves the overall ROI of organizations by increasing employee productivity and curbing costs linked with help desk calls. Also the overheads incurred in raising tickets for resetting passwords, updating user information and unlocking accounts are significantly reduced.

Updated: 2010-12-17
License: 549.00$
Publisher: Active Directory Self Service
Size: 2 Mb
Require: Processor - P3 , 1 . 0 GHz or later version , 128 MB RAM , 100 MB
System: Win98, WinXP
Language: English

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Lepide Active Directory Self Service 10.11.01: Self service active directory software transfers some control over to end users

  • In order to decrease the workload of database administrators, the Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) has been developed. This tool works as a self service password reset software and also allows end users to unlock user account on their own to make important changes. Furthermore, the AD self service tool facilitates using web based interface from any place making tasks simpler for users.
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