Typograf font manager 5.2.1

Top class font manager for OpenType, TrueType, PostScript Type 1 and printer fonts. Previews all fonts. Displays all font information (typeface classification, kerning pairs, designer, website, copyright...). Views unicode character set, keyboard layout, zoom view. Finds similar fonts and compares fonts. Prints fonts in many ways. Manages fonts in database and font groups (Sets). Quick preview of font files on your network. All employees have access to the same font Sets. Typeface classification by PANOSE system, IBM Font Classes or the Windows internal metric structure. Font file management functions. Information about typefaces and typography. Typograf searches fonts and duplicates on your harddrive, CD-ROM`s or DVD`s, sorts fonts by file, name, family, size, copyright, width,... You can edit file information (name, copyright) with Typograf. You have favorites and history of viewed directories and font name Tag for viewing and printig fonts. Free minor updates. ZDNet Rating: 5 stars, `Typograf is one of the best font utilities we`ve seen, commercial or shareware.`

Updated: 2015-10-05
License: 35.00$
Publisher: A. & M. Neuber Software
Size: 1.7 Mb
Require: Windows
System: WinXP
Language: English, German

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Typograf font manager 5.2.1: Top class font manager for OpenType,TrueType,Type1 fonts. Preview,print,compare

  • Computer users increasingly store libraries of type styles on their PC. This might be for home, or for work, but either way they can get very confused and disorganised. Typograf is an intelligent way to keep all of your typefaces in one single place, listed and easy to find. With all of your font in one location, you can view the different characteristics of each style, and find the one which is most suitable for the task at hand.
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