Site Translator 4.11: Translate entire web sites and expand your audience with a single click!

Site Translator 4.11

Translate entire web sites with a single click! Site Translator converts all HTML, ASP, ASPX, ASCX, PHP, RESX, and XML files from one language to another. Localize software into any supported language. The translated pages look and work exactly like the originals. Supporting additional languages will expand your potential audience enormously. Download Site Translator today.

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Trellian SiteMapper 1.04: Creates a detailed map with an indexed listing of resources

Trellian SiteMapper 1.04

Site Mapper will analyze the contents of a web site, and create a detailed map with an indexed listing of all resources by page and category. It will also validate all links, so that users need never come across `File not found` errors and broken images. Site Mapper is a perfect tool for Webmasters, but can also be used by anyone wishing to see their favorite web site presented in a simpler form.

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Trellian SiteSpider 1.00.004: Trellian SiteSpider is a powerful web crawling program

Trellian SiteSpider 1.00.004

Trellian SiteSpider is a powerful, yet simple to use program which is loaded with sophisticated search, web crawling and site mapping functions. What does SiteSpider do? SiteSpider can be used simply as a web browser, which works cooperatively with Internet Explorer to allow importing and utilization of your favorites directory. Trellian SiteSpider can help you to extract valuable data from any website.

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Webmaster`s Toolkit 1.71: Toolkit for measuring sizes and eyedropping of everything display on the screen.

Webmaster`s Toolkit 1.71

This is toolkit that allows you quickly measure anything on your screen, picking the colour value from any pixel of the screen and alter or produce your own colors with the Photoshop-style Color Picker. This program might be useful for web developers who often face the need to quickly measure the size of an object or the space between objects on the screen up to a pixel, quickly detect the color in an HTML code or alter its HSB, RGB components.

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Smart Image Server 3.0: Image and Multimedia Searching Server Software

Smart Image Server 3.0

The Smart Image Server is a web version of the searching functionality within Smart Pix Manager, allowing your to provide visitors to an Internet or intranet page to perform boolean (AND/OR) searches for images and other multimedia files within your database.  A list of image links (optionally with thumbnails and descriptions) will be displayed matching your search.  These links can be clicked to display the original image.

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Smtp.NET 3.0.5: ASP.NET email component with HTML formatting mail merge and message queuing

Smtp.NET 3.0.5

Professional Email Component for ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms. Features: HTML Email with automatic image embedding, authentication, automatically ZIP compress attachments, supports message queuing on IIS & emailQ.NET, mail merge, multiple attachments, multiple recipients, specify multiple servers for failover and redundancy, and more. Fully supported and documented with extensive examples to jump-start your application development.

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Coalesys WebMenu for ASP.NET 7.0: Popup menu web control for ASP with support for IE, FF, Chrome, Safari and more.

Coalesys WebMenu for ASP.NET 7.0

Popup menu web control for ASP.NET with support for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others. Web control is an extensively tested .NET assembly, which provides a server-side object model that allows programmatic configuration of the menu. Includes complete help system, object reference and sample pages.

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