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ProcessKO 4.04: Creating 'Dearest-KO`s' for fast killing processes or programs and save time.

ProcessKO 4.04

ProcessKO is a small useful tool to quickly kill a running or hanging process / program.It is not uncommon among developers or program-testers that the programs do not function properly or that you can not even close the programs (using the Taskmanager) usually its always the same candidates.Creating "Dearest-KO`s" for fast killing processes or programs! One can save many hand moves and also time ! ProcessKO does not have to be installed.

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Actual Window Manager 8.10.2: Forget the windows chaos on your PC desktop and concentrate on work.

Actual Window Manager 8.10.2

Actual Window Manager is a desktop productivity suite of over 50 tools that lets users change their interaction with windows in many new exciting ways: minimize windows to tray or to a small icon on the desktop, apply transparency, roll up, pin on top, auto-align windows, resize, etc. Any of these operations (and many others) can be done either automatically or manually in a click on the new title bar buttons added after installation.

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Find and Run Robot 2.229.01: press to launch it then just start typing the letters of app to find and run it

Find and Run Robot 2.229.01

Find and Run Robot is a program for keyboard maniacs - it helps you rapidly find programs or documents from within the depths of the start menu (or other directories). One keypress launches the utility - then just start typing the first letters of the application you want to launch. As you type the best matches are shown - just hit the number to launch the associated program.

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ServiceMill 4.1.74

Run most executable as a service: 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit and batch files, Java. Run custom applications as a service developed using Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi. Let your program interact with desktop even if it runs on a user account. No modifications are required for existing programs to work. Very easy remote & Local administration through Service+.

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Service+ 4.10.71

Control of multiple services at the same time (start/stop/restart) Simultaneously edit multiple service properties (Startup, Account) Monitor services status in real time Terminate un-responding services (No need to reboot !) Configure service security Deploy or backup easily your services settings Monitor services installation and removal in real time See all the services properties at the service list level and more..

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Auto Shutdown Genius Automate your PC power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, standby etc.

Auto Shutdown Genius

With Auto Shutdown Genius, you can automatically shutdown, power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, standby or screen save your computers at schedule date and time, when the computer is idle or when excessive CPU usage. Auto Shutdown Genius gives you different ways to schedule the shutdown events, such as daily, weekly, only once, the computer idle and CPU usage. During the shutdown, it can clean up temporary files and recycle bin.

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DUST 1.7: Switch users directly with chosen hot key plus password saving & automatic logon

DUST 1.7

The Direct User Switching Task allows you to switch to another logged on session using a chosen hot key combination just like you use Alt+Tab to switch tasks. This does not involve going to the Windows welcome screen and with password saving and automatic logon makes it very quick and easy to switch between sessions. You can also disconnect to the welcome screen in order to log on as a new user.

fast user switching, session switching, hot key

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