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Keylogger Spy Monitor 9.58: Best keylogger spy software that logs all keystrokes typed on a PC.

Keylogger Spy Monitor 9.58

Keylogger Spy Monitor spy software can secretly record all keystrokes typed on your computer. It runs completely invisiblely. You can check logging reports by simply receiving emails or opening a web page. Perfect for catching cheaters, m onitoring employees, children or spouse, acquiring others` passwords and even investigating crimes. Use hotkey to unhide it from Stealth Mode and protect the program access by password.

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PC Screen Spy Monitor 9.38: Monitor employees, children and spouse with surveillance camera software.

PC Screen Spy Monitor 9.38

PC Screen Spy Monitor software secretly caputres your computer screen. It is like a invisible surveillance camera aimed directly at your PC screen. It records a screenshot every X seconds (adjustable) without being detected. This captures all activity performed on your PC, no matter who performs it! You can view the screenshot images taken directly from the embedded image / slideshow viewer.

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Power Spy Software 12.19: Invisible keylogger, Facebook, email and online chat spy software.

Power Spy Software 12.19

Power Spy Software secretly logs Facebook, keystrokes, chats, IMs, emails, websites visited, microphone, video talk, logins, passwords, applications, searches, documents and more. Logs Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, etc. Takes screenshots every x seconds like a spy cam. Sends logs to your email. You can check logs on a remote PC, tablet, smart phone, or directly on the monitored PC. Perfect for monitoring employees, kids and spouse.

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SpotAuditor 5.1.4: SpotAuditor is password recovery software, recovers over 40 programs passwords.

SpotAuditor 5.1.4

SpotAuditor is an advanced password recovery software for recovering over 40 programs passwords including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Office Outlook, Hotmail password, PalTalk, Google Talk, ICQ, Trillian, Miranda IM, RnQ, RDP, VNC, Total Commander, SmartFTP, Far ftp, FileZilla, WS_FTP, CuteFTP, CoffeeCup Direct FTP, recovers passwords behind the asterisks.

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Total Privacy Remove all traces of your Internet and System activity

Total Privacy

Total Privacy Provides the Most Advanced Information Removal Solution for Protection Against Today`s Malicious Online and Offline Threats. Total Privacy is a safe and easy-to-use Windows privacy protection tool that securely cleans Internet tracks, system activities and program history information stored on your computer. Supports all major browsers in addition to over 450 popular third-party applications.

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NetShred X 5.0.8: Wipe cache, erase history - automatic internet eraser - easy, fast, cleaner

NetShred X 5.0.8

Wipe cache, clear history automatically with NetShred X, the easy-to-use internet track eraser for Mac OS X that will erase the browsing data your browser and email apps leave behind. This internet eraser app is easy to use, fast and cleaner. Easy because it runs automatically - you don`t have to remember to use it. Fast because you don`t have to wait for it. Cleaner because it will erase, not just delete cache, history, deleted email, more.

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File Encryption XP 1.7.298: It is easy to use file encryption software for your personal computer.

File Encryption XP 1.7.298

Need a military grade file encryption software? Would you like to delete (shred) files and be 100% sure they can`t be "undeleted"? How about protecting data stored with removable drives? File Encryption XP does all that and more! File Encryption XP is password protection software for Windows. Files are encrypted with hack-proof Blowfish algorithm. This tool works with USB drives, flash memory cards, HDDs, ZIP drives, and works with any Windows PC

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