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BroadWave Streaming Audio Server 2.00: Stream live and pre-recorded audio with this streaming audio server for Windows

BroadWave Streaming Audio Server 2.00

Stream live and pre-recorded audio over the web with BroadWave streaming audio server. Create your own radio station and broadcast events for listeners over the Internet. It handles all the technical details of serving audio so it can be played by a listener in any default media player on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Serve up to 8 live streams and an unlimited number of pre-recorded files.

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Abstract Aquarium Screensaver  4.5: Abstract aquarium 3d screensaver, underwater world in abstract form

Abstract Aquarium Screensaver 4.5

The abstract aquarium 3d screensaver shows underwater world in abstract form, an abstract representation saltwater 3d aquarium. Greater and small 3d fishes with very real behaviour. Surrealistic underwater landscapes with abstract algae and corals. With great color and subtle animation that strangely makes it real. Colorful underwater aquarium with abstract algae and corals, an abstract jellyfishes and 3d fishes.

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DanceFractal Screensaver 2.0: Animated screensaver shows animated fractals, unusual forms, pleasant colors.

DanceFractal Screensaver 2.0

Animated screensaver shows animated fractals, unusual forms, pleasant colors. This screensaver show animated abstract images from fractals. Smoothly varying animated fractals. Unusual forms, pleasant colors. Abstract images can become a flower, a fantastic animal, a sphynx or to become a mosaic. Fractals can become some plasma or a flame, can spread on the screen as water.

animated, fractals, images, mosaic, flower, abstract

MarketSMS 2.3.1: Retrieve any information by SMS/Email/Fax/SMSC/Wap from anywhere in the world!

MarketSMS 2.3.1

Fast and correct information is worth of gold when we need it so bad. That is something we all expect in these 21st century days. Following that kind of thoughts, Market SMS is built! Retrieve information`s from a database, depending on user inputs. Great for big companies, or small markets to provide prices, orders details, product details and much more! No matter where you are, information`s you need are at your glance!

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Abyss Web Server X1 2.11.1: Easy to use web server with SSL, CGI/FastCGI, ISAPI, and ASP.NET support

Abyss Web Server X1 2.11.1

Abyss Web Server X1 is a free and compact personal Web server for Windows, MacOS X and Linux. It supports HTTP/1.1, secure SSL connections, IPv6, HTTP compression, CGI scripts, FastCGI, ISAPI extensions, XSSI, ASP.NET (on Windows), reverse proxying, password protection, URL rewriting, IP address control, custom error pages, bandwidth throttling, anti-leeching, anti-hacking, and features an intuitive multilingual remote Web management interface.

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Kaleider Screensaver 5.1: Kaleider emulates kaleidoscope, mirroring, 3D mirroring and funneling effects.

Kaleider Screensaver 5.1

Kaleider generates Kaleidoscopes, Mirrors, 3D Mirrors and Funnels automatically in random or scripted sequences. Configuration allows control of which effects are included and how often they are rendered. The Wandering option adds motion to the graphics. The Rooms feature creates depth perspectives, optionally with automated Roaming movements. Mandala Mode shows patterns centered within a circle. Music can accompany the visual effects.

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Outlook Profiler Create Outlook Exchange profiles automatically for Outlook 97 through 2016

Outlook Profiler

Create Outlook Exchange profiles automatically for Outlook 97 through 2016

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