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fileXhub 1.1.0: fileXhub is a protocol proxy and secure portal for file exchange

fileXhub 1.1.0

BIT`s fileXhub makes it simple to manage your own Internet file transfer hub. fileXhub is based on open standards and lightweight secure technology. fileXhub makes it easy to build comprehensive, integrated, and secure managed file transfer applications. fileXhub Personal is a free file transfer hub that supports authenticated file upload and download though a user-friendly portal. fileXhub Professional adds FTP, fileXhub Enterprise adds HTTP(S)

http proxy, file transfer, web services, https proxy, ftp proxy, internet hub

Random Photo Screensaver 4.4: Make a slideshow screensaver and change your wallpaper from your digital photos

Random Photo Screensaver 4.4

Create a screensaver slideshow of your own digital photos. Random Photo Screensaver (RPS) 4 will show your pictures with a time interval you can set. Simply select the folder with your images and you are ready to go. It is that easy! RPS filters out all files with the hidden system attribute set, or add your own folder filters to only see the images you want. Now with metadata (EXIF/IPTC/XMP) support. Including desktop wallpaper backgrounds.

pics, random, images, photographs, photo, jpeg, pictures, backgrounds, screensaver

Kaleider Screensaver 5.0.3: Kaleider emulates kaleidoscope, mirroring, 3D mirroring and funneling effects.

Kaleider Screensaver 5.0.3

Kaleider generates Kaleidoscopes, Mirrors, 3D Mirrors and Funnels automatically in random or scripted sequences. Configuration allows control of which effects are included and how often they are rendered. The Wandering option adds motion to the graphics. The Rooms feature creates depth perspectives, optionally with automated Roaming movements. Mandala Mode shows patterns centered within a circle. Music can accompany the visual effects.

mandala, mirrors, kaleidoscopes, music, funnels, screensaver

C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software 4.11PL11: C-MOR is a free Software Video Surveillance Server (NVR) for Windows, Mac and Li

C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software 4.11PL11

C-MOR is a free Video Surveillance Software. The free version supports one IP camera without any limits. It can be upgraded to support 15 cameras. It records a lot of IP cameras of well-known brands and supports the video standards MJPEG and JPEG. C-MOR also does motion detection and sends alarms. C-MOR runs in the most web browsers and supports mobile devices like iPads and iPhones without client software installation.

motion detection, video, recorder, recording, windows, linux, cctv, surveillance, ip camera, security, server, virtual machine, webcam

Liquib Screensaver 2.2: Liquib emulates liquid image, marbled paper and Droste type effects

Liquib Screensaver 2.2

The Liquib Screensaver turns images into virtual fluid to continuously generate an amazing variety of liquid image, marbled paper and other fascinating emulations. The Configuration screen provides options to control which effects are included and how often they are rendered. Music can accompany the evolving visual scenery.

marbled paper, droste, drops, spray, liquid image, waves, bubbles

Gattaca Server SMTP, POP3, Mail.

Gattaca Server

Gattaca Server full featured, 100% compatible to existing standards POP3 and SMTP mail server. After purchasing license for Gattaca Server you can register any quantity of users which is necessary. Gattaca Server use DNSBL, SPF, white and black lists for protecting user`s mailboxes from SPAM. All incomming correspondence tested with DNSBL, SPF, black and white lists. Gattaca Mail Server working as service under Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

smtp, pop3, mail server, mail

ManageEngine ADManager Plus 6.0: Web-based Active Directory Management, Reporting Tool for IT Administrators.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus 6.0

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a web-based product that enables enterprise-wide Windows Active Directory management from a central point. ADManager Plus, with its ease-of-use, script-free and intuitive UI, 150+ actionable comprehensive reports that facilitate on-the-fly Active Directory management, integrated with secure helpdesk delegation, Automation and workflow management capabilities, is every administrator`s prime choice for AD Management.

active directory automation, bulk user management, reporting, report active directory users, active, logon reports, directory, exchange management, active directory workflow, password management, management, windows network management, security delegation

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