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Pop-up Free 1.52A: Get rid of annoying popup windows and enhance your Web surf experience.

Pop-up Free 1.52A

Get rid of annoying popup windows and enhance your Web surf experience. Kill unexpected popup windows and protect your privacy. No more annoying advertisement windows and save your time. Works with IE 4.0 or above running in Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP environment. It is the best popup killer based on artificial intelligence and intelligent agent technologies.

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Popup Killer Block all annoying popup ads and windows messenger popup spams.

Popup Killer

It is used for stopping all annoying pop-up ads windows when you surf the internet. It also blocks Windows Messenger in Windows XP/2000/NT which interfere with your program running. It is easy-use tool without any configuration. It runs automatically when Windows starts up each time, saves the bandwidth of your internet connection and your time.

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ID AntiPopup 1.2: ID AntiPopup is a top quality blocking program of all troublesome popup windows.

ID AntiPopup 1.2

ID AntiPopup is a very useful program created to block and prevent unwanted pop-ups from showing on your computer`s screen. It allows you to choose popup windows that you wish to see and the ones you want to disregard. Main features includes: blocking of unwanted pop-ups, showing popup windows at request, preventing harmful PC attacks, automatically removes re-tracked popups, searching for dangerous popup windows.

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ID AntiPhishing 1.2: ID AntiPhishing is a top quality anti-scam application.

ID AntiPhishing 1.2

ID AntiPhishing is a security program designed to protect your system against scam sites by blocking popup windows from showing on your computer`s screen while you navigate over the Internet. It also permits you to choose which popup you wish to see. Main features includes: protection against scam sites, erase of unsolicited pop-ups, detecting of scam sites using advanced algorithms, searching for scam sites using various engines.

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Adlesse for Windows Less ads - more choice! Adlesse replaces ads with useful widgets of your choice.

Adlesse for Windows

Less ads - more choice! Adlesse substitutes all the annoying banners in your favourite browser for useful widgets of the same size: local news and weather, your friends` latest tweets, Facebook feed, interesting facts, famous people`s quotes, and others. It keeps you up-to-date with the latest info while you are peacefully surfing the web. Adlesse supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome!

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PopOops 2.2.1: Small and easy to use program that blocks pop-up windows in IE.

PopOops 2.2.1

PopOops is a small and easy to use program that blocks pop-up windows in Internet Explorer. It runs in system tray and optionally plays sound and/or shows balloon tool tip (Windows 2K/Me/XP only) every time pop-up is blocked. If blocking caused a script error message box, it will be automatically closed.

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Ad Muncher 4.94: Powerful advert and popup blocking system for all browsers.

Ad Muncher 4.94

Ad Muncher is a powerful advert and popup blocking system for all browsers and advert-displaying programs like Pando, SopCast, ICQ, Morpheus, Kazaa, Grokster, Opera, PalTalk, iMesh, Bearshare, LimeWire, TVAnts, etc. Ad Muncher can be configured to block anything that annoys you, with simple options to block common annoyances like music and sound, colorful scroll bars, automatic bookmarking, interference with mouse clicks and many other things.

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