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Email Extractor 1.3.2: An easy-to-use tool to recover your customers e-mail addresses

Email Extractor 1.3.2

Email Extractor is an easy-to-use tool to recover your customers e-mail addresses from your mailbox or contact files. It retrieves all valid e-mail addresses from HTML and text files on local disks, and generates an output file with only good and well formatted e-mails without duplicates.

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Cerberus FTP Server Secure and reliable SFTP,FTPS, and HTTPS solution for demanding IT professionals

Cerberus FTP Server

Cerberus FTP Server provides a secure and reliable file transfer solution for both the demanding IT professional and the casual file sharer. Cerberus supports FTP, FTP/S, SFTP, and HTTP/S, can authenticate against Active Directory and LDAP, runs as a Windows service, has native x64 support, includes a robust set of integrity and security features and offers an easy-to-use manager for controlling user access to files and file operations.

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WinLock Remote Administrator 3.2: Centralized remote management and monitoring security solution.

WinLock Remote Administrator 3.2

A security application that makes networks safer and administrators` life easier. Remote Administrator helps quickly configure remote WinLock clients, lock remote workstations, and apply security profiles by means of easy-to-use interface. By means of this tool, you can manage WinLock settings on-the-fly; enable or disable each copy of WinLock; pause protection and send pop-up messages; capture screenshots of remote client`s desktop, and more...

network, password, access, lock, security, remote

WinMX Music 5.5.0: WinMX Music is a wide-ranging p2p tool for any type of file downloads.

WinMX Music 5.5.0

WinMX Music joins the family of powerful file sharing applications with a strong recommendation for its overall enjoyable and intuitive layout. To install and run it is a walkover. This P2P client is a great choice for downloading all types of files, such as music, video, images, games, and text documents. It has dynamic querying, file previews while downloading, advanced technology for tracing rare files, and a highly customizable interface.

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BearShare MP3 7.3.0: Bearshare MP3 is a feature-loaded, secure and smart P2P application.

BearShare MP3 7.3.0

Bearshare MP3 is a feature loaded, secure and smart P2P application designed to download your favorite music, movies, games and documents much easier than other of its kind. What makes Bearshare MP3 a far-reaching software is its ability to swarm between networks. This is achieved by taking the starting hash and then rewriting it for every network you`re connected to thus enabling downloads from Gnutella, G2 and ED2K simultaneously.

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Ares Galaxy PRO 5.3.0: Ares Galaxy Pro makes the best of BitTorrent as a great p2p app of this network

Ares Galaxy PRO 5.3.0

Ares Galaxy Professional Edition is currently one of the most demanded BitTorrent file sharing clients around. It has a straightforward, yet likeable, easy to use interface and requires low CPU. Movies, Mp3s, books they`re all now easier to download and share. This program bears simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter, etc

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SynchPst for Outlook The easy way to synchronize your Outlook among two personal folders.

SynchPst for Outlook

SynchPst - the easy way to synchronize data among two personal folders. Just choose either single or multiple folders/subfolders to synchronize. Synchronize all Outlook items including notes and distribution lists. Deletions are supported, too. If the selected folder does not exist in the target file, the entire folder is copied otherwise the source and target files are compared and the entries are synchronized based on a highend algorithm.

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