Religious Suite-Church Management Software (MAC) 2016: Manage an unlimited number of members with this program

Religious Suite-Church Management Software (MAC) 2016

The Religious Suite provides a full range of membership management functionality. It can handle an unlimited number of members. You can track Membership, Finances, Donations, Day Care Center and the Deceased Records. Features personal and family pictures in records, custom searches, custom fields, keywords, donation charts, built-in reports, an intuitive report editor, an easy to use interface, and much more.

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Tanida Demo Builder Create high quality software presentations, demonstrations and tutorials.

Tanida Demo Builder

Demo Builder’s screen recording software creates professional and interactive presentations, tutorials and demonstrations. Export movies in HTML5, H264, Flash, Standalone, Video, Image Files and Word formats and Share via YouTube and Google Drive.

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Solar System - Earth 3D screensaver 1.8.01: Solar System - Earth 3D screensaver shows what our planet looks like from space

Solar System - Earth 3D screensaver 1.8.01

Solar System - Earth 3D screensaver invites you for an instant trip to space where you can admire the magnificent view of our planet shown against the twinkling stars. You can see the change of night and day along with the play of sunrays, as the Earth slowly revolves round the Sun. The screensaver uses modern shader technologies to produce photo-realistic effects. It`s one of the most spectacular and inspiring Earth screensavers you can find.

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Fantastic Ocean 3D screensaver 2.0.01: Enjoy a peaceful flight over the ocean, which is displayed in cinematic 3D

Fantastic Ocean 3D screensaver 2.0.01

Fantastic Ocean 3D takes you on a peaceful flight over the ocean, which is carefully recreated in true 3D. The effect is magical. It looks as if you were gliding on a paraglide several feet above the waves. The surface of the ocean is like a sheet of glass. The setting sun is reflected on it with a hundred of different shades of color. The wonderful thing about the view is that it changes constantly. It`s a constant source of enjoyment!

fantastic, flight, cinematic, screensaver, ocean

ExcelFile Viewer : ExcelFile Viewer: direct and fast read any MS Excel workbook

ExcelFile Viewer

You may read/open the MS Excel files on any computer. Application don`t use any external libraries (no MS Excel/Office, no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run the tool on computer without any additional setup/install. You may view the data contents from any sheet in xls-file and to trace the full internal (system) information about stored BIFF-records within file. All MS Excel formats supported.

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Split Video Chat for Video Conference 1.09

SplitCamera is a freeware virtual video clone and split video capture driver for connecting several applications to a single video capture source. Usually, if you have a web camera or video camera connected to your computer, you cannot use it in more than one application at the same time, and there is no standard Windows options that makes it possible. Split Camera driver allows you to easily multiply your web-camera (any models), video cameras (

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e!Sankey 3.2: A software tool to visualize material, energy or cost flows with Sankey diagrams

e!Sankey 3.2

A software to easily create Sankey diagrams. A Sankey diagram is a directional flow chart where the width of the arrows is proportional to the flow quantity. Sankey diagrams are a useful way of visualizing material flows, energy or costs. If you are a chemical, environmental or process engineer, a professional in quality management, logistics or finance, you can use e!Sankey diagrams to display flow quantities in production systems.

energy, efficiency, chart, visualization, node, mass, flow, engineering, arrow, presentation, costs, cost, diagram

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