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eJuice Me Up 15.2: e juice recipe calculator, mix and create flavors

eJuice Me Up 15.2

This e-juice recipe calculator is free. Mix your own blend of e-liquids with Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), H2O and Nicotine and find the desired nicotine strength and flavoring percentage. Measure by volume, percentage or drops. Mix, create flavors. Recipes also included.

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eXtreme Movie Manager The most powerful movie database manager, can import from more than 80 websites.

eXtreme Movie Manager

eXtreme Movie Manager (formerly DivxManager) is a powerful software program used to manage your movie collection. It lets you catalogue your collection with detailed information and supports many video formats such as DivX, XviD, DVD, VHS, SVHS, VCD, DVD-R, or LaserDisc. eXtreme Movie Manager is not just a movie/video collection manager, it`s also a movie and actor database and a cover manager.

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Fund Manager 2014 - Personal 2014.13.6: Portfolio Management for Individual Investors

Fund Manager 2014 - Personal 2014.13.6

Fund Manager is a full featured portfolio management application. Fund Manager is designed to help investors monitor and analyze their stocks, mutual funds, and other investments with a wide variety of easy to use graphs and reports. Fund Manager makes keeping track of your investments easy by offering convenient features such as single push button price and transaction updates from the internet.

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ModusDoc 6.2.238: Data cataloger for documents, files, hyperlinks, programs, folders, and notes

ModusDoc 6.2.238

Universal data cataloger designed for cataloging documents / files, hyperlinks, programs, folders and notes in a database for the purpose of gaining quick and convenient access to them. No file type restrictions in ModusDoc`s database; all objects that can be run by double-clicking on them or through the Start menu also run from ModusDoc cataloger by double-clicking on the record or using the button on the toolbar.

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Free Rent or Buy Calculator 4.5.1: A free real estate calculator that helps you determine whether to rent or buy.

Free Rent or Buy Calculator 4.5.1

This free real estate calculator for Windows helps you determine whether purchasing a home or renting is your best option. Free Rent or Buy Calculator is a real estate calculator designed for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista systems.

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Free Loan Calculator 4.7.1: A Free Loan Comparison Calculator for Windows.

Free Loan Calculator 4.7.1

This free loan payment calculator for Windows allows you to quickly calculate and compare mortgage loan payments based upon variable payment frequency! Offers Daily 365/year, Daily 360/year, Weekly, Biweekly 26/year, Bimonthly 24/year, Monthly, Quarterly, Biannual, and Annual payment periods. It allows you to compare two loans side-by-side and calculates Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance (PITI).

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Free Mortgage Payment Calculator 4.5.1: A free mortgage payment calculator for Windows.

Free Mortgage Payment Calculator 4.5.1

This free mortgage payment calculator for Windows allows you to quickly calculate mortgage loan payments. Free Mortgage Payment Calculator is a financial calculator designed for Windows 2000, XP and Vista systems.

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