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Fund Manager 2014 - Personal 2014.13.0: Portfolio Management for Individual Investors

Fund Manager 2014 - Personal 2014.13.0

Fund Manager is a full featured portfolio management application. Fund Manager is designed to help investors monitor and analyze their stocks, mutual funds, and other investments with a wide variety of easy to use graphs and reports. Fund Manager makes keeping track of your investments easy by offering convenient features such as single push button price and transaction updates from the internet.

investing, charting, mutual funds, capital gains, reports, portfolio management, stocks

Just Checking balance and reconcile accounts, print checks, import online banking transactions

Just Checking

balance and reconcile accounts, print checks, import online banking transactions, edit and create check templates, reoccurring transactions manager, reports, supports multiple accounts, multiple field sorting, filtering, backup and restore tools, help file, video tutorials, password protection, support multiple users, customize color for income and expenses, track cleared and uncleared transactions, bank and actual balance, find transactions

check printing, checkbook software, checking account, electronic checkbook, checkbook

Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 14.32: Software to find dates and times of lunar and solar eclipses and lunar phases

Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 14.32

A program to search for eclipses (lunar, solar, total, annular and umbral), to calculate the phase of the Moon at any given date and time and to convert between dates in the Gregorian and Julian calendars and dates in five lunar calendars (Archetypes, Meyer-Palmen Solilunar, McKenna-Meyer Goddess, Lunar Liberalia Triday and Hermetic Lunar Week).

goddess lunar calendar, date, solar, julian calendar, phase, calculator, solilunar calendar, astronomy, liberalia triday calendar, eclipse, calendar, moon, calculation

KursTrend 5.25: Stock Exchange Software

KursTrend 5.25

Stock Exchange Software

brooking, financial, money, stock exchange

Herbs 5.0: Herbs lists 540+ herbs with their remedy information; 138 herbal photos.

Herbs 5.0

Herbs Software lists 540+ herbs and their actions. The shareware version includes full listing info for 36 herbs (all beginning with the letter A) and introductory text files. Registration provides access to all listings, plus 138 herbal photos, more text files, and the `Herbal Actions` section where herbs are listed by their traditional uses (from Acne to Wound Care). Registration includes full program support plus free program upgrades!

german commission e monographs, ayurvedic, traditional medicine, plants, herbal software, natural healing, phytochemicals, gardening, herbs, herbal, herbs software, botanical Comic Collector 12.4.2: Comic Book Database Software. Automatic creator lists & cover art. Comic Collector 12.4.2

Comic Book Database Software. Automatic creator lists & cover art. Just enter titles and select the issues you own, or scan barcodes. Browse, sort and search your comic collection, in List View, Images View or in Cover Flow. Check your comic database with the CLZ Comics mobile app for iPhone or Android, or share it online.

inventory, archive, catalog, library, database, organizer, book, comic

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils 2.8: Aromatherapy and Essential Oils lists aromatic oils, base oils and indications.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils 2.8

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils lists aromatic oils and indications. Included are essential oils, base oils, Bach flower remedies, a foot reflexology chart, important safety tips and general oil information. Essential oils can be powerful antioxidants and display a whole range of valuable medicinal actions. Some essential oils have antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

therapy, massage, essential oils, aromatherapy, bach flowers, scents, reflexology, bath oils, aroma, relaxation

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