Cool PDF Reader 3.21: The world`s smallest PDF reader to view, print, extract, and crop PDF document

Cool PDF Reader 3.21

The world`s smallest PDF reader to view, print, zoom, extract, and crop PDF files, and convert PDF`s to TXT, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, EPS, TIF. It is only 3.50MB to download and doesn`t need lengthy installation, just download and run. Features include view and print PDF; crop PDF; take text and graphics out of PDF file; convert PDF to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, EPS, and TIFF; extract PDF to TXT; zoom and rotate PDF pages; slide show.

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FastPictureViewer Professional 64 bit 1.9.359.0: The fastest 32/64-bit  image viewer EVER, designed for photographers.

FastPictureViewer Professional 64 bit 1.9.359.0

FastPictureViewer was designed to speed up the workflow of professional photographers and imaging professionals with full color management, industry-standard rating functions, RGB histogram and EXIF windows, instant magnifier and native x32 / x64 support, included in the download.

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Christmas Link Player 2.3: Play YouTube Links Automatically in Firefox Browser

Christmas Link Player 2.3

Christmas Link Player is a YouTube link player that plays back YouTube videos without commercial interruption. Features single play, video replay, and full list playing. Plays YouTube videos without commercial interruption! Descriptions added for you for each link added,

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Vico MultImage 1.3: Smart comparison of multiple images, with synchronized zoom and scroll.

Vico MultImage 1.3

Vico MultImage allows you a smart comparison of multiple images. With Vico MultImage you can open or drag and drop your images, have them automatically adjusted in the program workspace, have them zoomed and scrolled in a synchronized way and more. Usefull shortcuts will allow you to concentrate on the comparison job.

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Aros Magic Viewer 3.0: World`s Fastest Photo Viewer!

Aros Magic Viewer 3.0

World`s fastest photo viewer! Notable features: Connect to many online services directly. enlargement of images to reveal details smoothly; an unobtrusive GUI; resolution-independent renditions of digital photos; drag-and-drop support; incredible hi-fi printing; slideshows; Unicode compliance; multi-language capability; an intuitive zoom control and Web browser integration.

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Able Photo Slide Show Display all images as a slide show. Executable slideshow,web gallery,screensaver

Able Photo Slide Show

Have you ever wanted to see all the digital photos and other graphic files without opening each up individually? Able Photo Slide Show displays your graphic files continuously without you doing anything. You just point it to a file in folder, say how long to display each picture, select transition effects and then sit back and watch. If a picture is too large or less for your screen, it is resized to fit. It can also create standalone slide show.

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eBooksReader 2016.7.9: FREE reader for .AEH ebooks created with VisualVision eBooksWriter

eBooksReader 2016.7.9

Free reader for .AEH ebooks, guides, hypertext, manuals created with eBooksWriter LITE, PRO or GOLD, Full text/keyword search. Fast, compact and easy to use. Very effective when you want to distribute protected documents. Tiny: it is 1/20 of the common pdf reader, and it does not use pdf but a more secure format. Top class encryption and protection.

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