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Advanced GIF Animator 4.6.12: Tool for creating animated GIF images, banners, buttons, and even movies.

Advanced GIF Animator 4.6.12

Advanced GIF Animator is a powerful animated GIF maker tool. With this outstanding software, you can create pictures, banners, buttons, and even movies. You can use the built-in image editor or any stand-alone graphics editor to create image files that will be assembled into a GIF animation. Key features: built-in image editor, palette optimization, image size reduction, and multi-language support.

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AMC GIF Construction Set Pro 7.0a.5: Build, create, edit and optimize animations, banners and transparent GIF images.

AMC GIF Construction Set Pro 7.0a.5

AMC GIF Construction Set Pro is the world`s most widely-used GIF animator to assemble, edit, and optimize animations and create transparent GIF files. Features: Animation Wizard, Supercompressor, Banner generator and Transitions for sophisticated animated effects. You can rotate, crop, colour-adjust and resize all or part of an animation sequence. Extensive documentation and tutorials so you can get right down to things that flash and move.

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AlphaPlugins FirTree AfterEffects Win 1.02: New free FirTree plug-in for After Effects. Creates animated fir tree branches.

AlphaPlugins FirTree AfterEffects Win 1.02

AlphaPlugins FirTree is a free plug-in filter for Adobe After Effects. This plugin allows create animated fir tree branches. You can use these elements for decorating of your Merry Christmas and Happy New Year videos. You can adjust parameters of fir tree materials both for branch haulms and for needles. As optional ability, you can make your fir tree from glass material and assign optical properties for glass materials.

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FaceMorpher Lite 2.5: FaceMorpher is the first fully automated image morphing software on the market.

FaceMorpher Lite 2.5

Imagine your home video enhanced with stunning effects. Filmed a wedding? Try to morph the bride into a little girl and vice versa, or morph the groom and the bride together to see how their kids will look. Amuse your friends morphing them into political celebrities, movie superstars or popular musicians. FaceMorpher is the first fully automated image morphing software on the market. No skills required! Simply load two images and play!

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FaceMorpher 2.51: Create funny animations with this fully automated face morphing program.

FaceMorpher 2.51

Morphing is the process of creating a smooth animated transition from one picture to another. FaceMorpher turns face morphing into real fun. The program guesses the basic spots automatically. You can tune up the spots if you wish. In most cases the automatically guessed spots produce animation that is perfectly acceptable for amateur videos or web graphics. Fast, simple, effortless and inexpensive. MORPH THEM ALL!!!

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Animated GIF producer 5.2.04: Create GIF animations from the blend of images, captured video snapshots...

Animated GIF producer 5.2.04

Animated GIF Producer is a quick and remarkably easy-to-use tool for making animations, buttons and banners. You can create an engaging GIF animation from the blend of images, captured video snapshots and multipage files. The program also offers you a wide range of customization options and effects to make your production look and behave the way you want. You can add, process and organize images into a sequence with a point-and-click simplicity.

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3D Architecture Animation Creator Pro 1.2: 3ds max Plugin which can help designers quickly creat animations.

3D Architecture Animation Creator Pro 1.2

3D Architecture Animation Creator is a plugin which can help designers quickly create animations, specially for architecture growing animations. By using it, we can fast create position, rotation, scale, as well as visibility animations for several objects.

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