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Blocker Plains 4.0: Reaction game with a freely moveable blocker, 50 stone plains and much sound.

Blocker Plains 4.0

Blocker Plains is a reaction game with six levels, an unlimited number of balls, 50 stone plains and a freely movable Blocker. The objektive of the game is, through fast clear away of the stone plains, to be accepted into a Champions list. Seven captivating sound themes with different listener positions and changing backgrounds gives Blocker Plains a long prolonged motivation. Six players can simultaneously participate in the game.

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jk-ware Theater 4.0: Game stage for Blocker Plains, Color LIFE Sound and Perpetuum mobile.

jk-ware Theater 4.0

jk-ware Theater is a playful PC testing application containing three games, Blocker Plains, Color LIFE Sound and Perpetuum mobile, that can be run simultaneously to evaluate PC performance. Each game can be re-sized to display at the full screen resolution, or they can be arranged in a side-by-side format or in other overlapping or stacked formats. The selected arrangement can be saved to the later recall as configuration.

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Crazy Minesweeper 2.22: Play new styled full-featured minesweeper game with Classic and Crazy modes.

Crazy Minesweeper 2.22

Crazy Minesweeper is a full-featured minesweeper game. It is a challenging game of strategy and luck. It is an original remake of the classic minesweeper. Game includes two modes: Classic and Crazy, where mines have a different power. It is a progressive minesweeper game with large best players table, playing statistics and many useful settings and features. Try minesweeper of new generation!

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Super Solitaire Deluxe 1.08: Super Solitaire Deluxe includes about 450 solitaire card games .

Super Solitaire Deluxe 1.08

Super Solitaire Deluxe includes about 450 solitaire card games such as FreeCell, Diplomat, Eighteens, Flower Garden, Grandfather`s Clock, Klondike, Pyramid, Royal Rendezvous, Spider Solitaire, Golf and Travellers. It features great graphics, rich sounds, extensive options and fast game play. All games are carefully classified and well documented.

solitaire, games, card, game, pyramid, freecell

PacMan Adventures 3D 2.052: PacMan Adventures 3D is a modern remake of classic arcade game Pac Man.

PacMan Adventures 3D 2.052

PacMan Adventures 3D is a modern remake of classic arcade game Pac Man with real 3D scene and splendid music. In the wonderful maze,you must feel your dexterity and sharpness, eat all of the dots to move to the next level, avoid or hunt back the monsters(after you eat power pills).There are 4 missions and 180 levels in the full version: Classic Adventure(50 levels),Big Adventure(50 levels),Need For Speed(50levels),Pac SokoBan(30 levels).

pickman, dots, game, pick dots, pacman

Magic Lines v5.11 v5.11: Magic Lines is an action-puzzle game that demands both  observation ability and

Magic Lines v5.11 v5.11

The goal is simple - find paired tiles, then eliminate them by linking them with a magic line. This game is extremely polished, dynamic pictures and splendid soundtrack effectively spurs you to click the mouse crazily! We Guarantee you and your family will have months of fun because magic lines has natrual mode, learning mode, extremal mode, competitive mode and hundreds of levels.

magic lines, action puzzle, dexterity, exciting, observation ability

3D Live Snooker 2.72: 3D Live Snooker simulates snooker with full 3d environment and perfect 3d sound.

3D Live Snooker 2.72

3D Live Snooker simulates snooker on your computer with full 3-D environment and perfect 3d sound. It features easy and addictive game play, supports short snooker(10 reds) and full snooker(15 reds) games. The balls roll just like real ones, and you can position your cue shot to hit at various places on the cue ball for different spins!3D Live Snooker has single and multi-player modes, you can play with computer, friends or even remote players.

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