Mimosa Scheduling Software Freeware 6.4: Scheduling software for school, university and company timetables.

Mimosa Scheduling Software Freeware 6.4

Mimosa is a creative and universal scheduling and course planning software for use in any kind of academic institution of varying type and size. It is also used to schedule conferences and work-shifts in business and industry environments. The application is slim and fast, user-friendly and has a large capacity. It has a very rich set of efficient optimisation tools and interactive timetabling selections for all kind of scheduling tasks.

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Chinese Character Bible 9.1: Memorizing Chinese characters is now much easier, more efficient and more fun

Chinese Character Bible 9.1

Chinese Character Bible is a powerful and intelligent system for learning Chinese Characters. Every Chinese character is shown with color components that are based on its etymology and animated in big size stroke by stroke. The animated calligraphy uses multi colours to show how each character is constructed. All characters are spoken by a FAMOUS CHINESE NATIONAL BROADCAST ANNOUNCER.

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LESEN 2000 plus Rechtschreibtrainer 3.0.8: LESEN 2000 is an educational game to practise skills in German.

LESEN 2000 plus Rechtschreibtrainer 3.0.8

LESEN 2000 is an educational software to practise basic skills in German. 33 games with hundreds of spoken and written words, puzzles and pictures provide long-term motivation. Kids all over the world who are learning German use it in school and at home. LESEN 2000 provides interactive activities for beginners and advanced learners. Enjoy learning with recordings of native speakers. LESEN 2000 is monolingual (immersion method).

listening, educational, deutsch, children, kinder, writing, alphabet, monolingual, native, advanced, words, lesen, beginners

iSpring Pro 7: iSpring Pro 7 - Create mobile-ready video presentations in minutes.

iSpring Pro 7

iSpring Pro 7 - advanced tool to create mobile-ready video presentations in PowerPoint. Add and synchronize voice overs and video narrations, use smart player, publish presentations to Flash or HTML5 and enjoy viewing on all devices.

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iSpring Presenter 7: iSpring Presenter - must-have tool for e-Learning.

iSpring Presenter 7

iSpring Presenter 7 is advanced e-Learning authoring software that allows you to create professional mobile-ready courses in PowerPoint and take your authoring to a revolutionary new level. Enjoy a range of advanced e-Learning features provided by iSpring Presenter: create m-Learning courses from PowerPoint, record video narrations and voice-overs, add interactive HTML5 quizzes and surveys, use smart player, perfect for all devices.

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Puzzles 2: Fantasy Pieces 1.00.06: Puzzles 2 is the second set in this series of computerized wooden inset puzzles.

Puzzles 2: Fantasy Pieces 1.00.06

Puzzles 2 is the second set in this series of computerized wooden inset puzzles. The theme of this set is fantasy characters including knights, dragons, fairies, monsters, and other characters from the medieval world. Each puzzle has 4 to 12 pieces to insert into their appropriate holes. Children will learn matching and memory skills as they solve each puzzle. This educational toy will provide hours of entertainment for a young child.

puzzles, education, children, kids, puzzle, preschool, matching, dataware, game

Note Attack 1.36: Learn to read sheet music with this free MIDI educational video game

Note Attack 1.36

Learn to read sheet music with this free educational video game. Use either your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard / piano as input.

video, education, sheet, play, free, game, read, music, midi, learning, piano, learn

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