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HelpNDoc Help authoring tool producing CHM, HTML, PDF, Word, ePub, Kindle documentation


Forget about bloated user interfaces and incomprehensible help authoring tools: HelpNDoc provides the most advanced functionalities in their simplest form. Creating HTML and CHM help files is usually a painful process but thanks to HelpNDoc you may surprise yourself enjoying it! Producing Word and PDF manuals, ePub and Kindle eBooks is as easy while the amazing template engine will let you generate iPhone specific documentation websites in a snap

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QuickHelp MacOSX 4.0.3: QuickHelp has help authoring and deployment for Windows and Mac OS X

QuickHelp MacOSX 4.0.3

QuickHelp is a help authoring and deployment tool for Windows and Mac OS X. QuickHelp supports a table of contents, an index with automatic search field, word searches across topics, color highlighted topic text with hypertext links, formatted lists and images, tables, actions and context sensitive help from applications. Generate a PDF book from help system with one click.

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Paper Killer Italiano 2016.7.4: Create a manual, hypertext, HTML Help CHM, WinHelp, manage electronic documents

Paper Killer Italiano 2016.7.4

Create a manual, hypertext, HTMLHelp CHM, WinHelp HLP, online help, personal CDs with this all-in-one easy visual editor. Like a word processor, no code / HTML; font and styles; quick placement of links; image hot-spots and rollovers. Edit, search/replace, archive and publish functions that act on the whole hypertext, rather than on individual pages. Handy: one manual, one file. Start from scratch and create your electronic manuals in minutes!

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RoboAuthor 2016.7.7: Create documentation / help system for your web / desktop software application

RoboAuthor 2016.7.7

Easy software to create professional Help systems and documentation for web-based and desktop software applications. One manual, one file: global topic management, search/replace, fast linking. A single source document for both HTMLHelp (.CHM) and WinHelp (.HLP) output, as well as plain HTML for your Website. Frames, text styles, hot spots, popup windows, mouse over sensitive images, sounds, video: all visual, no code / HTML! Fast and powerful.

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Dr.Explain 5.4.1031: Software help authoring tool. Dr.Explain makes CHM, PDF, and HTML help files.

Dr.Explain 5.4.1031

Write software help and documentation fast and without exhausting text and image formatting. Dr.Explain captures windows from a live application, creates screenshots and automatically adds references to all controls : buttons, edit fields, options, dropdown lists, and other items. Just add some description. Export a project at once into RTF, PDF, CHM, or HTML help files with screenshots, color callouts, menus, and index page.

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Aml2CHM 3.01: Plugin for creaion HTML Help files (chm) from Aml Pages documents

Aml2CHM 3.01

Plugin for creaion HTML Help files (chm) from Aml Pages documents with pictures. Support: HTML conversion, programming language syntax highlighting, full text search and etc. Installation: extract all files from ZIP-archive to Aml Pages plugins directory.

plugin, e book, aml pages, windows help, html help, creation

Help+Manual 7.2.0: Windows help authoring tool to create help files and PDF manuals

Help+Manual 7.2.0

Help+Manual is a single-source help authoring and content management system for both single and multi-author editing. Working with Help+Manual is as easy as writing text with a word processor. Help+Manual scales from small to really large projects with thousands of pages and creates Windows help files, Webhelp and manuals in print and PDF format. Try yourself and download a trial of Help+Manual! Writing help has never been easier.

help compiler, help authoring, html help, visual studio help, help 2 0

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