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DXMap ActiveX 1.1: DXMap is a 2D graphical engine for icons with scrolling and animation.

DXMap ActiveX 1.1

DXMap is a 2D graphical engine. It is a versatile and applicable tool that serves both static and moving representations. In particular the representation of maps in strategy games is supported (top down perspective). DXMap uses DirectX starting from version 7 for an efficient graphical display. A direct use of the DirectX interface becomes redundant by DXMap. A condition for the use of DXMap is the installation of DirectX.

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GraphInquire ActiveX 1.0: GraphInquire is a chart for time series analysis and similar applications.

GraphInquire ActiveX 1.0

The GraphInquire ActiveX provides a Microsoft Chart element with special functionality to inquire the exact form of a series by zoom in, zoom out and scrolling and to display several series interactively by actions of the user. The series can be automatically scaled over a period of time. Weekdays and legal holidays are displayed as well as a legend. The localizations USA and Germany are supported. The display can be given out to a printer.

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InstantHelp ActiveX 2.0: Shows a short help text at a position, that can be defined freely within a form.

InstantHelp ActiveX 2.0

Permits the display of instant help texts in each place of a window. The texts appear at the position indicated, when the mouse stays unmoved in the near of the place. The function corresponds to the Tool Tip Texts of the Windows control elements; the texts displayed by InstantHelp however are not bound to dialogue or window elements and their positions. In this way it is possible to explain a picture for example.

instanthelp, activex, instant, tool, text, help, mouse, label

NumberInput ActiveX 2.0: Improves the input of integer values within certain limits, that can be adjusted

NumberInput ActiveX 2.0

The control element allows the comfortable input of (long) integer values, whereby incorrect inputs by the user become impossible. It is freely adjustable in its size. The size of the represented control sub elements and the size of the displayed numbers adapt automatically. The input of the number can be made directly in the text field or indirectly by the two buttons.

input, number, activex, numberinput, edit, integer, button, mask

Holiday ActiveX 1.0: Calculates the dates of the legal holidays of every year selected.

Holiday ActiveX 1.0

The element calculates the dates of the legal holidays. For every year selected the exact date of the holiday with a textual description of the name of the holiday is available. The US and north German localizations are supported. Further methods for example allow to determinate the weekday of a special date. The main application originally should be the determination of the times shops are closed necessary for a forecast.

date, legal holidays, activex, germany, year

Subclassing ActiveX 1.0: enables the subclassing of window forms, i.e. the execution of their messages

Subclassing ActiveX 1.0

The control element accomplishes a subclassing for a window stated by its handle. The window function is the function of a window, which completely determines the behavior of the window (and thus the reaction of the window to user inputs). This window function is replaced by another function by the Subclassing component. This function then can be freely defined in the Message event of the Subclassing control element (MS Windows API programming).

messages, window, superclassing, form, subclassing, activex, window function

Math ActiveX 1.1: calculates determinants and equation systems and generates matrices

Math ActiveX 1.1

The element calculates determinants, linear equation systems and generates matrices. It provides additional basic functionality like faculty, subdeterminant and matrix reduction calculations. Further more an event is implemented to support a progress bar for time intensive operations.

system, math, calculation, activex, equation, determinant

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