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GSA Auto Website Submitter 5.13: Submit your web site to thousands of search engines and directories.

GSA Auto Website Submitter 5.13

GSA Website Submitter submits your website to thousands of search engines and directories. Many special features as spin syntax for the descriptions or the captcha code analysis cuts the time to a minimum to advertise your web site. Very fast web page submission by threads finishes your promotion in minutes where you have taken days before. Even the validation links in emails will be clicked for you to speed up the submission process.

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GSA Auto SoftSubmit 7.94: Autom. submit your PAD to more than 9000 archives and directories.

GSA Auto SoftSubmit 7.94

Submit your product to over 9000 software archives, directories and search engines. Save plenty of time and money since its fully automated. Advertising your product was never easier. This software is very easy to use. Load a PAD file and the program does the rest.

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Callback File System 6.0

With Callback File System you can create your own file system within your application and expose this file system to Windows as a virtual disk or a folder on existing disk. Callback File System provides a kernel-mode driver, which calls your application when it needs to perform some file system operation, and a user-mode API for use by your application. And your application can expose generic data as a file system to third-party processes.

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DAC for MySQL 3.0.2: Delphi/C++Builder component suite for direct access to MySQL.

DAC for MySQL 3.0.2

DAC for MySQL (also known as MySQLDAC) is the most powerful component suite for Delphi/C++Builder/MySQL. This component suite allows you to create Delphi/C++Builder applications with direct access to MySQL DB without BDE and ODBC. BLOB fields are supported. MySQLDAC was developed for easy migration of existing projects from BDE/ODBC scheme to the native one. A MySQL library is not required.

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PC Guard Software Protection System 6.00.0180: Professional software protection and licensing system.

PC Guard Software Protection System 6.00.0180

PC Guard is a professional software copy protection and licensing system. Easily protect 32-bit/64-bit Windows and Microsoft .NET framework (.NET versions) applications from illegal distribution and reverse engineering. PC Guard is available in 4 different versions Win32, .NET, Win64 and .NET64.

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Caché Monitor 2.75: Caché Monitor is the all-in-one tool designed for InterSystems Caché and MS SQ

Caché Monitor 2.75

Caché Monitor is the all-in-one tool designed for InterSystems Caché. It combines many tools with a smart sql editor to provide easy access to the database for Caché developers, administrators and data analysts. Caché Monitor is like a swiss knife for Caché, fast and very easy to use. But Caché Monitor can also connect to databases like MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL and much more to fit your needs in a heterogeneous database environment. All database driver are automatically downloaded from Web. Try it and use it for free!

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ViArt Shop PHP Shopping Cart 4.6.2: Ecommerce PHP shopping cart with CMS and HelpDesk Support System

ViArt Shop PHP Shopping Cart 4.6.2

Ecommerce PHP shopping cart software coming with Content Management System, HelpDesk Support System, multiple layouts and with advanced set of Sales Mechanisms (Products reviews and ratings, Discounts mechanism, Shipping and Stock mechanisms, etc), Web-based Administration with Order Maintenance, Product Maintenance, User/Shopper Maintenance, Vendor Maintenance, multiple payment processing (Verisign,, Worldpay and more)

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