Professional Icon Set 3.9: Professional Icon Set lets you spice up your soft or websites with fine icons

Professional Icon Set 3.9

Your products will look more modern and attractive with Professional Icon Set. Color formats include Windows XP and 8-bit formats. Available sizes are 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256. This icon set includes direction icons: scientist, astronaut, soldier, officer, cleaner, engineer, bureaucrat, writer, student, prisoner, key keeper, band-master, singer, musician, drummer, hacker, computer doctor, graphic designer, tourist and others.

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DesktopOK 4.04: Save and restore your desktop icon positions with DesktopOK

DesktopOK 4.04

Save and restore the positions of icons.DesktopOK is a small but effective solution for user that have to change the screen resolution often. Featutes: Save your dearest icon locations for each screen resolution. Each user can then have his own arrangement. Minimises to tray area for easy access. Launch at Windows startup. DesktopOK does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop.

icon, locations, desktop, restore, dearest, save, screen, positions, resolution

Izbushka Wallpaper Organizer 2.04: The program sits in the system tray and changes wallpapers on your desktop

Izbushka Wallpaper Organizer 2.04

The program sits in the system tray and controls wallpapers on your desktop. It allows you to manage your collection of desktop wallpapers and change them via a schedule. Izbushka includes a feature-rich wallpaper collection manager. You can organize your collection by categories, preview images in fullscreen and more. Wallpapers are an important attribute of your workplace. Let them boost your competitive spirit to its maximum!

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CLOX 8.01: Easy to use, great-looking world clocks for desktop or mobile use.

CLOX 8.01

CLOX 8 is an easy to use app that provides clocks showing the time in user-selected timezones. Instantly customize and skin the display to your taste. The language and the size of the clocks, and other elements can be changed. Show local time and UTC (GMT) plus up to ten other user selected time zones on analog and digital clocks. Also included are a world daylight map, calendar, news feed and timezone DST reference lookup.

world time, timezone, time, desktop, analogue, mobile, analog, calendar, daylight, dst saving, clocks, time zones, world clock

StressMyPC 2.72: Let`s see! How long can your laptop battery hold a charge? Or let your PC sweat

StressMyPC 2.72

Let`s see! How long can your laptop battery hold a charge? Or let your PC sweat like a .... Warning! Unstable and overclocked systems can be crashed.

battery, laptop, stress, test, charge, notebook

Event Countdown 1.00: Countdown to your event with our free countdown clock for Windows.

Event Countdown 1.00

Countdown to your event with our free countdown clock for Windows. Set the name, date and time to any event that is important to you. Suitable for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, Xmas, New Year, sporting events and much more.

count, clock, timer, down, countdown

Fire Heart Desktop Gadget 2.20.131: Nothing says `I Love You!` more than a burning heart!

Fire Heart Desktop Gadget 2.20.131

Nothing says `I Love You!` more than a burning heart. Give your special one a perfect gift! A burning heart...on a computer`s desktop! Receiving another digital postcard just isn`t as exciting as it used to be. If you want to give something unique, something pretty, something that will be seen a lot, give Fire Heart, a unique, unbelievably smooth computer desktop gadget!

saver, flame, heart, wallpaper, desktop, screensaver, burn, fire, screen

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