Wallpaper Slideshow Pro 4.2.1: Powerful and Automatic desktop wallpaper changer

Wallpaper Slideshow Pro 4.2.1

Wallpaper Slideshow Pro is a great utility for displaying your favorite photos as desktop background wallpaper. Wallpaper Slideshow offers you complete control of your wallpaper collection. It has lots of options that allow you to customize the way wallpapers are created and displayed, for example for each image you can decide whether it must be automatically resized to fit the screen, centered, tiled or spanned across your multiple monitors.

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DesktopOK 4.41: Save and restore your desktop icon positions with DesktopOK

DesktopOK 4.41

Save and restore the positions of icons.DesktopOK is a small but effective solution for user that have to change the screen resolution often. Featutes: Save your dearest icon locations for each screen resolution. Each user can then have his own arrangement. Minimises to tray area for easy access. Launch at Windows startup. DesktopOK does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop.

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AMC The Ultimate Screen Clock 6.0a.7: Integrate a sophisticated multifunction clock with your Windows desktop.

AMC The Ultimate Screen Clock 6.0a.7

The Ultimate Screen Clock will integrate a graphic clock with your Windows desktop. Configure its appearance with a library of digital and analog clock styles, or design your own. Set your system clock to the accuracy of an atomic time standard by accessing one of its Internet-based time servers. The Ultimate Screen Clock also includes a reminder feature; a world time clock; an Intranet time server; a countdown clock and a stop watch.

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AIV Wallpaper Changer 1.1: Change your desktop wallpaper after fixed time interval or at particular time

AIV Wallpaper Changer 1.1

Give a new look to your desktop.Wallpaper Changer can change wallpaper either after a certain time or at a particular time continuously(depending on settings).It supports thumbnailed display of images.Slideshow of all the added wallpapers can be viewed in a single click.Unlimited wallpapers can be added to its database.It supports manually changing of wallpapers.Wallpapers can be set in centered,stretched or tiled mode.

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AIV Reminder 2.3: Talking alarm clock.Contains Analog clock,digital clock,Calendar,Stopwatch etc.

AIV Reminder 2.3

It includes talking Reminder.Characters can read the reminder.Any MP3 or Wav file can be set as reminder sound(dancing animation will come on alarm) as well .Also one`s own voice could be used as alarm sound.It includes calendar(upto 2099),stopwatch, four Analog clocks,Digital clock,Daily Alarm,Simple And Advanced Alarm, Genie,Merlin(character) and many more .If pc is shutdown and the Alarm/reminder elapses then the software can notify of it.

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WhatColor 4.82e: Helps Colorblinds to use PC without difficulties caused by colors

WhatColor 4.82e

WhatColor displays the magnified area around the mouse cursor for the user to easily choose a pixel to inspect its color. This feature may useful not only to colorblinds, but also to aged people who have difficulties in viewing small characters. WhatColor is useful in using software with various colors, in developing software, in instructing usage of a PC or software to other people, as well as in writing your Web pages.

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Online TeaTimer / Online TeeUhr 3.2.08: Online TeaTimer / TeeUhr so that the tea succeeds at the PC workplace, too!

Online TeaTimer / Online TeeUhr 3.2.08

OnlineTeaTimer / OnlineTeeUhr so that the tea succeeds at the PC workplace, too! ------- Advantage of the used applet technology in relation to the already existing programs of this kind is the usefulness WITHOUT INSTALLATION, WORLDWIDE ON EACH COMPUTER WITH INTERNET ACCESS...... A download of this program is actually not necessary at all, since it is available at any time in the WorldWideWeb for simple and immediate use. Try beta release 4 now!

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