TAPICall 4.3.29: CTI AddIn for Outlook, Popup of your contacts by Phone number, Journal entry

TAPICall 4.3.29

FULL INSIGHT AT THE FIRST RING: TAPICall turns your desktop PC into a highly efficient CTI work station by means of Outlook add-on: Identification of the caller and display of the corresponding Outlook contact sheet; Automatic display of memos, even company wide; automatic creation of journal entries with a call-back feature; nontutorial handling; Low costs - high benefit; operates with any up-to-date PBX or ISDN controller

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PhonerLite 2.49: Softphone supporting TLS, SRTP and ZRTP as well as IPv6 and some HD codecs

PhonerLite 2.49

Softphone supporting TLS, SRTP and ZRTP as well as IPv6 and some HD codecs. Google Contacts can be imported.

softphone, freeware, voip

CallClerk Caller ID Software 5.8.8: Caller id, picture, email, ans. machine, fax, reverse lookup, voice, hangup,dial

CallClerk Caller ID Software 5.8.8

CallClerk keeps you in touch with who has called. It includes many standard features like showing a caller’s name and number plus sending an e-mail when you get a call. However, it has several advanced features not found in other programs, including: answering machine capabilities, blocking calls using a community database, automatically updating a web page, tweeting to your twitter account, posting to your Facebook account and much more.

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Phoner 3.15: Softphone for PC-telephony using TAPI, CAPI or SIP plus answering machine

Phoner 3.15

Phoner is a free softphone for ISDN and VoIP telephony. An answering machine and Text-To-Speech support complete the large package.

softphone, tapi, capi, freeware, telephony, isdn, answering machine, voip

Audio Caller ID 4.4: Audio Caller ID and Call Management

Audio Caller ID 4.4

Audio Caller ID will announce a caller`s name over your computer speakers, email you when specified calls are received, and even block calls you choose. You can optionally assign pre-recorded sounds to be played for specified callers. Audio Caller ID can publish your call log to your own web site. Easily return any call by just double clicking on any call in the log, and your modem will dial the number for you.

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VRS Telephone Call Recorder 5.48: Multi-Channel Telephone Call (and other) Line Recorder

VRS Telephone Call Recorder 5.48

The VRS is a multiple channel voice recording application typically used for telephone line recording, radio station logging or control room recording. The VRS records 1 to 64 audio channels simultaneously with advanced audio compression to reduce file size. Find and play recordings ordered by date or channel.

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Integrated Notification System (IVR) Configurable IVR application to send and receive messages.

Integrated Notification System (IVR)

INS is designed to take care of all your IVR and communication needs. It allows to send messages to pagers, mobile phones (SMS), FAX, as voice file or as E-mail. At the same time you can configure the application to handle all incoming calls, SMS or E-Mails. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications for CT, where the caller uses the phone keypad to enter values or sends e-mail/SMS, can be created through the graphical work flow designer.

interactive voice response, telephony, voice, mobile phone, pager, mail, demand, scada

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