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NotePager Pro 5.0.4: Send SMS or text messages to mobile phones and cell phones through the Internet!

NotePager Pro 5.0.4

Send SMS or text messages to anyone, anywhere any time. Messages can be sent through a modem or the Internet. Text or SMS messages to be sent to mobile phones and weireless devices. NotePager Pro supports pre-programmed messages, on-call messaging, group messaging and multiple telecom or cellular carriers. This inexpensive application is ideal for small business use. Leverage technology to send messages to anyone, anywhere, any time.

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SMS-it 4.0.0: Send SMS (Text, pictures, ringtones) to a mobile phone.

SMS-it 4.0.0

SMS-it! allows you to send a SMS to a mobile phone using your computer. SMS-it! supports pictures, logos, ringtones, Flash and WAP messages. The messages can be sent through a modem, through an internet connection or directly through an attached mobile phone. Supports sending free SMS. If a mobile phone is attached to the computer, the contents of the inbox can be downloaded and stored in folders. SMS-it! integrates perfectly with MS Outlook.

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Video Chat Splitter 3.27

Video Chat Splitter driver allows you to easily multiply your web-camera (any models), video cameras ( any model: analog or ditial : VHS, DV, TV-IN or TV-tunner ) in video chat or video conference software like ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype Video, Camfrog, AOL AIM, Pal Talk, or whatever... and to broadcast it to many users at a time.

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OfficeIntercom Communication Software 5.10: Computer voice intercom software to speak over the internet or your network

OfficeIntercom Communication Software 5.10

OfficeIntercom lets you use your computer to speak to others over the internet or your local office computer network. It works as a virtual intercom and feels a little like using a CB radio. To talk to anyone else who has installed OfficeIntercom anywhere in the world, just hold down a key on the keyboard. Speak into your computer`s microphone and you will be heard through the other computer`s speakers.

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Air Messenger LAN Server 11.0.0

The Air Messenger LAN Server is a Network Alphanumeric Paging Server and a great investment for companies that run a large sales force or dispatch centers. All sales people or dispatchers can send pages through one network computer without the need to supply each computer with a phone line or modem. The Air Messenger Server can maintain company wide group and user lists which can be broken down to departments.

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Air Messenger ASCII 8.0.0

Air Messenger ASCII gives you the ability to interface multiple software applications or device for paging by generating a simple text file that our software can process into a page. Air Messenger ASCII also supports DDE and Command Line paging. Supports SNPP, WCTP, TAP/IXO, and Email paging. Supports WCTP Over HTTPS and does not require SMTP sever to send E-Mail Pages.

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Air Messenger Pro 11.0.0

Air Messenger Pro is a fully featured alphanumeric paging software with TAP, SNPP, ETAP, WCTP, and EMail support that allows you to send pages to Pagers and Digital Cellular Phones. Supports WCTP Over HTTPS and does not require SMTP sever.

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