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unPoster 2.0.1: Runs 24x7 scanning newsgroups and keeping an updated list of available files.

unPoster 2.0.1

Designed to make looking in giant newsgroups as easy as possible. Instead of waiting for millions of headers to download as with an old-fashioned news-reader program, the unPoster constantly scans your groups and keeps a list of the files available. If you leave the program running in the background, all that you need to do is select files to download from the unPoster`s list. There is no other practical way to keep up with high-traffic groups.

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NewzScape 1.1.2: Runs non-stop, downloading files from your favorite Usenet newsgroups.

NewzScape 1.1.2

NewzScape is designed to be a "no effort" downloader. Once you set it up with your favorite Usenet newsgroups, it will run for days-on-end downloading files.Just check your Downloads folder whenever it is convenient. NewzScape will automatically combine-and-decode large files, and supports yEnc. The program is battle-tested and will run flawlessly - even when your news server goes off-line, or your network connection drops.

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EasyByte News Ticker 2.0.4: Headlines and Stocks intelligently scroll along, also includes a RSS Feed Reader

EasyByte News Ticker 2.0.4

Proven News System, intelligently displays news and information from ANY source. It includes many features that allow you to concentrate on your work, it will get all the news and information that you require automatically. It works in a completely non-intrusive manner. It Includes an RSS Feed Reading program. Perfect for sending information to corporate desktops, and helpdesks Integrates with Active Directory allowing for rapid installs

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AB Bulk Mailer 8.3: sends million emails per day free. grab contacts from google,email verifier

AB Bulk Mailer 8.3

* can send scheduled mails when you are out of office. * allows you to create contacts and scheduled mails. * Allows grabbing email addresses from any website.* Sends 30,000 emails per hour free. It has a powerful email extractor and email verifier. * sends personalized emails.* allows import/export of contacts to Text format/Excel. * grabs contacts from google search.

email verifier, bulk mailing software, email extractor, email scheduling software, email scheduler, email marketing software, twitter poster

Another File 2.03: Another file is intended for downloading pictures automatically from newsgroups.

Another File 2.03

Another file is intended for downloading pictures and other file attachments automatically from newsgroups. Just select the groups to scan and Another File does the rest. And it saves your bandwidth by remembering articles that you downloaded before. During scanning you can preview last downloaded picture as a thumbnail or a full-size image and delete it immediately if you do not like it.

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TopicDay 1.0: The program for reading news feeds RSS format.

TopicDay 1.0

The program for reading news feeds RSS format. You can add any number of settings, RSS feeds. This utility is a convenient compact form, as a "drop-down" menu in the system tray will show the current topical news selected RSS feeds, checking for changes every fifteen minutes.

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VIP Rumor RSS Reader 4.0.2: VIP Rumor RSS Reader is a totally FREE news aggregator or feed reader.

VIP Rumor RSS Reader 4.0.2

VIP Rumor RSS Reader is a totally FREE news aggregator or feed reader that utilize web feed technology to retrieve syndicated web content like blogs, podcasts, videologs, and typical media websites , or a customized set of search results. VIP Rumor RSS Reader reduces time and effort needed to frequently check websites for updates, creating a unique information place or personal newspaper.

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