Communications Silent BCC for Outlook 1.2.2: Have a BCC copy of every outgoing e-mail unnoticeably for the sender Silent BCC for Outlook 1.2.2

Silent BCC for Outlook is the perfect tool to monitor outgoing e-mail. Once installed, the plug-in will deliver you BCC copies of all messages sent from all user accounts of a PC. Users won`t ever know that a BCC copy was sent from their machines since BCC addresses are removed from Sent Items. They can`t turn off the plug-in or alter your monitoring settings. You can tweak the add-in to be copied on every outgoing e-mail or allow exceptions.

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NProfile Marketing Software 8.0.215: NProfile 8.0 Marketing Software App

NProfile Marketing Software 8.0.215

NProfile 8.0 Marketing Software App is Flexible Software for Managing Customer Contacts, Email Lists and Marketing Robot; Includes Customer Details, Developing News, Preparing Leads, Creating Surveys, Emailing News, Marketing Leads, Surveys etc. App can be used for Email-List Management as well as for Marketing Products, Services to saved Customer Contacts and Groups.

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