WebCam Monitor 6.13: Turn your PC into a video surveillance system; monitor your home/office remotely

WebCam Monitor 6.13

Turn your PC into a video surveillance system that monitors your home/office from a remote location. Detect motion and trigger alerts like sounding an alarm, recording audio and video, taking photos, broadcasting video, and sending email notifications. Configure WebCam Monitor in minutes using any USB camera. Video broadcasts can be viewed from any PC. The scheduler turns monitoring on and off to fit your schedule.

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eAnnouncer 4.3: Outlook Add-In to Send Individual, Personalized Emails to your Mailing List

eAnnouncer 4.3

eAnnouncer is an Outlook add-in for sending individual, personalized, emails to your mailing list. Send personalized emails to your newsletter subscribers, customers, or other contacts. Compose your message in Outlook, and then have them sent individually to each recipient in your mailing list. Mail merge makes your messages personal and more professional. You control the rate at which emails are sent.

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Gammadyne Mailer 51.0: A complete solution for running email campaigns.

Gammadyne Mailer 51.0

Gammadyne Mailer is essential Windows software for automating a business`s email marketing. It can send personalized email campaigns as well as process virtually any type of incoming email. Carefully crafted to achieve the highest delivery rates, it allows you to reach more of your audience and generate more sales. And its ability to track opens and clicks provides an abundance of marketing knowledge.

mailer, bulk, database, email, marketing, merge, html, mass, mail, automation, processing

DragNDrop E-mail List Manager 1.0: Free e-mail list manager extracts, merges, cleans, removes duplicate addresses.

DragNDrop E-mail List Manager 1.0

Drag&Drop E-mail List Manager is a free full featured professional mailing list manager made simple. It automates the entire process of extracting, importing, merging, cleaning, removing duplicate, & sorting addresses. Outlook add-in captures new addresses automatically. Ideal e-mail marketing tool for small businesses or clubs. Makes it easy to keep you in constant contact with customers or members. Featuring an intuitive drag & drop interface.

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SendLater for Outlook 3.34: Free automatic Outlook Email scheduler and Follow-Up Reminder Add-in Tool

SendLater for Outlook 3.34

SendLater is a free e-mail scheduler with a recurring email option. Prepare all your email notifications and reminders, greetings in advance and schedule their delivery. Re-send email automatically if a reply isn`t received. Use SendLater Pro Edition to set up repetitive follow-up emails at comprehensive time intervals, attach documents to the scheduled delayed e-mail with DocTrack feature. E-mails will be sent even Outlook is not running.

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Phoner 3.15: Softphone for PC-telephony using TAPI, CAPI or SIP plus answering machine

Phoner 3.15

Phoner is a free softphone for ISDN and VoIP telephony. An answering machine and Text-To-Speech support complete the large package.

softphone, tapi, capi, freeware, telephony, isdn, answering machine, voip

Venta4Net LAN fax/voice messaging software for dial-up modems and Internet telephony


Network solution for sending and receiving faxes and voice messages from any networked computer via the server computer through modems or VoIP connections. The connection between clients and the server uses the TCP/IP protocol. Single line and multi-line versions are available. The evaluation version is available for testing and studying the program.

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